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L.A. Work Free Music


L.A. Work Free Music

L.A. Work

Real name: Alexander Louvet

Effective period / Period of releases: 1995 - 2003

L.A. WORK, alias Alexander Louvet (artist, producer & remixer), has been on the music scene since 1990 and to all insiders is far from an unknown figure ...
As the only professional dance artist from the German-speaking side of Belgium, he got with the maxi-singles "In Memory of ...", "Get Ready Make Love", "Is It Real ...", "Crazy Boy", "I Like Sex",
"Diamond In My heart", "Imagination" & projects as Monotone feat. L.A. WORK the international recognition he deserved.
It all started with the release of the maxi-single "In Memory Of ..." in 1991, and with the mini-album "Get Ready-Make Love", in 1993. Midem 1994 : L.A. WORK was chosen by Sabam as one of the "Top 20 Belgian bands for the future". In 1994, Alexander founded his own label ALC Productions wich is a production (2 studios), publishing and promotion company;
promoting most of his productions himself.
Midem 1995 was where L.A. WORK signed a worldwide contract thanks to "Is It Real ...". This track was a co-production between No More/EMI Music Publishing and was produced by Serge Ramaekers& Dominic Sas, famously notorious for Confettis "Sound of C" and "Living on my own" by Freddie Mercury.
L.A. WORK consists of Alexander Louvet with his partner Gitte and have since the start a long line of live gigs.
Touring with N-Sync, Whigfield, Snap!, 2 Unlimited, Marlboro Music, Coca Cola Eurocharts Tour …

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