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21 Hertz - Infinity Coast Free

Infinity Coast

21 Hertz

Cool review Trip-Hop is a genre that is extremely difficult to get right. It requires such attention to detail, and a mastery of understanding how to subtly change the song over time. Many try, and fail in the process, and this is a major reason for the genre largely dying off after the 90’s. Very few could produce it well. A few still stick around, and Sweden’s 21 Hertz has completely got it down with their new album just released. THIS is quality work, and it’s a sound you don’t often get the pleasure of hearing anymore. .

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Tracks In This Album

21 Hertz Scents free listening
Scents - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz Infinity Coast free listening
Infinity Coast - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz Butcher free listening
Butcher - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz My Neighborhood free listening
My Neighborhood - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz Watching You free listening
Watching You - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz Touching free listening
Touching - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz Travelling free listening
Travelling - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz My House free listening
My House - 21 Hertz
21 Hertz Greed free listening
Greed - 21 Hertz