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Sleezy D. Free Music


Sleezy D. Free Music

Sleezy D.

Real name: Derrick Harris

Effective period / Period of releases: 1986 - 2016

The original 'Sleezy' was a friend of Jefferson's. To get his recordings played by Ron Hardy at the club Music Box Jefferson used give him cassettes. However, when Jefferson's work shift patterns changed he was unable to take down his cassettes so he got his friend Sleezy to take them for him. Sleezy then started claiming that he had made the recordings. 'I've Lost Control' became known as a track by Sleezy so Marshall Jefferson decided to use that name on the release.

Who, exactly, is Sleezy D.? The man remains an enigma, seeming to have largely vanished off the map after 1986's "I've Lost Control," his most iconic hit. "Sleezy is an actual person," assured Marshall Jefferson, who co-produced "I've Lost Control" under his Virgo alias. "If you ever met him, you'd never forget him. Oh man, he is… sleazy."

Died in June 2019 from kidney failure

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