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John Ricaño Free Music


John Ricaño Free Music

John Ricaño

Real name: Juan Ricaño

Ricano was born John Ricano II on march 23, 2000. He was raised in a musical family, his father he was one of the main collectors of vinyls on Mexico, and her grandma was a rhythm guitarist (only for hobby).

Ricano started to play a guitar, at the age of 12 years old, with a little dirty electric guitar bought by her grandma in a pawn shop, on a xmas holydays, learning basic chords, basic solos and started to read the classic “TAB”. In high school he played in the “Orchestra Musical College”, a really good band, them played pop and rock, he was a lead guitarist, not the best, not the worst. (He born left handed, but he learn with the right handed)

At the age of 13 years old, he played a solo song to for him class, performing “Paul McCartney – Band On The Run” with only him voice and him dirty old electric guitar “An amazing performing full of nerves and wet hands” – John Ricano

He spent a majority time working in a cover songs of him influences, The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Will Owsley, Rusty Andrson, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, Tim Christensen, Johnny Cash and more.

He never be a perfect student, he always was “the black sheep”, for this reason he decied to hole up into the music, full time. After a while that he leave his school, for dedicate a full time to the music,write his first song, called “Open Your Mind”. Among the hard decisions, and full of darkness, he overcome his personal troubles. Those problems, didn't allow him be a creative musician, for a forward road. Time passed dedicated only for pulish his own style, now in that moment had 32 songs, already to recording!

The time has come, to make a band, find the perfect members - He said. At the young age of 15 years old he decided formed a new band called "Just People" a outfit of Indie Rock, Just People was creating a local fame, a lot of gigs in his hometown, playing on the street, stages, and festivals, on his set-list included "Open Your Mind", many others song of him, and covers of him influences, Rusty Anderson, Green Day, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney. It didn't much time to think about the band "Just People" questions like "What we're looking for?" "Why only Indie Rock?" "Really I want this band to my whole life?". Not more than 6 months has live the band, after he take the hardest decision to start a new musician career, in this part of his life, born "John Ricano" (Singer-songwriter, solo artist).

In april, 2016 he recorded on his home studio, a little EP called "Mystic Solutions" selling only in his hometown, thanks to that album, he had a local fame like singer-songwriter, after a few weeks, he formed his first solo artist band, to make a many gigs, In august 11th, 2016 his solo artist band called "John Ricano West Wood" openned the CD9 show, playing his singles, "Paranoia" (of his first little EP) and others, also covers of Rusty Anderson and The Bealtes, since this performing had a lot of new fans, the fans buying his EP, sharing his content, and listening his songs on a streaming services. It did't much time for the break of his solo band, overcome that break, Ricano pulish more his own style, because he decided to enter a Professional Studio, to recording the emblematic "Aneurysm".

The "Aneursym" was recorded in Gelkmarkel Studios, mixed by Dave Pensado, mastered by AFTERMASTER Audio Labs, and all songs written by John Ricano, the album was a hit! international radios they showed his last stuff. "Aneurysm" was manufactoring and all the copy's was selling around the world, being US, England, and some places of Netherlands with notables sales, debuting with "Whispering On My Heart" "Aneurysm" & "Hopeful Rain".

After a exhusted tour, full of rock, folk and lot of good melodies, John Ricano wanted a vacations, in this vacations, John started to write new songs, trying to make a new style and also make better songs. Decided to recording new songs, he prepareed a new band. Months and months into the studio, was necessary to finished his new single "Venus Exposure" and others songs, ready to his upcoming LP.

The young artist, is preparing his second LP, which will present him in one of the best countries (coming soon). He has had recognitions by critics both local and international, where they catalog their music, as "Good Old Stuff". At his young age of 17, he managed to sign with a very important label, he made his own editorial seal under the rights of ASCAP called "Handmade Songs Inc", which he plans to extend to any artist in the next years.

Today, the most know song of him is "Whispering On My Heart" with appearences in several radios around the world. His new single "Venus Exposure" is NOW AVAILABLE in all digital stores, also the official video clip of the same song on VEVO platform.

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