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Agathocles - Razor Sharp Daggers Free

Razor Sharp Daggers


A good grindcore label dealing with old-school bands couldn’t live without an Agathocles release in its catalogue. Bones Brigade records has it: the re-release of the previously-not-available-anymore third album by the Cult mince core band from Belgium, “Razor-sharp daggers”. 44 tracks for 75 minutes (yep, quite full-packed CD!) of grindcore the mince way: with punk roots and a strong political / social concern, the way the band put it together quite 25 years ago now! .

grindcore  mincecore  metal  death metal  1995   Share

Tracks In This Album

Agathocles A Start at Least free listening
A Start at Least - Agathocles
Agathocles Clean the Scene free listening
Clean the Scene - Agathocles
Agathocles A for Arrogance free listening
A for Arrogance - Agathocles
Agathocles Thy Kingdom Won't Come free listening
Thy Kingdom Won't Come - Agathocles
Agathocles Media Creations free listening
Media Creations - Agathocles
Agathocles All Gone free listening
All Gone - Agathocles
Agathocles Swallow or Choke free listening
Swallow or Choke - Agathocles
Agathocles Razor Sharp Daggers free listening
Razor Sharp Daggers - Agathocles
Agathocles Enough free listening
Enough - Agathocles
Agathocles Throwing Away Crap free listening
Throwing Away Crap - Agathocles
Agathocles Cracking Up Solidarity free listening
Cracking Up Solidarity - Agathocles
Agathocles Lunatic free listening
Lunatic - Agathocles
Agathocles Didn't Ask free listening
Didn't Ask - Agathocles
Agathocles Twisting History free listening
Twisting History - Agathocles
Agathocles Deserves to Die free listening
Deserves to Die - Agathocles
Agathocles Age of the Mutans free listening
Age of the Mutans - Agathocles
Agathocles Zero - Ego free listening
Zero - Ego - Agathocles
Agathocles Gear-Wheels free listening
Gear-Wheels - Agathocles
Agathocles Dear Friends free listening
Dear Friends - Agathocles
Agathocles Hormon Mob free listening
Hormon Mob - Agathocles
Agathocles Hash-Head, Farmers' Death free listening
Hash-Head, Farmers' Death - Agathocles
Agathocles Dare to Be Aware free listening
Dare to Be Aware - Agathocles
Agathocles Kiss My Ass free listening
Kiss My Ass - Agathocles
Agathocles All Love Dead free listening
All Love Dead - Agathocles
Agathocles Fear Not free listening
Fear Not - Agathocles
Agathocles Sieg Shit free listening
Sieg Shit - Agathocles
Agathocles Hatronomous free listening
Hatronomous - Agathocles
Agathocles Hideous Headchopping free listening
Hideous Headchopping - Agathocles
Agathocles Bigheaded Bastards free listening
Bigheaded Bastards - Agathocles
Agathocles Get of Your Ass free listening
Get of Your Ass - Agathocles
Agathocles Distrust and Abuse free listening
Distrust and Abuse - Agathocles
Agathocles Hippie Cult free listening
Hippie Cult - Agathocles
Agathocles Provoked Behaviour free listening
Provoked Behaviour - Agathocles
Agathocles Black Ones (Poem) / Systemphobic free listening
Black Ones (Poem) / Systemphobic - Agathocles
Agathocles Anthropodislogical free listening
Anthropodislogical - Agathocles
Agathocles Labelisation free listening
Labelisation - Agathocles
Agathocles What Mankind Creates free listening
What Mankind Creates - Agathocles
Agathocles No! free listening
No! - Agathocles
Agathocles Rejected Adaption free listening
Rejected Adaption - Agathocles
Agathocles An Abstract free listening
An Abstract - Agathocles
Agathocles Faded Novelty free listening
Faded Novelty - Agathocles
Agathocles Senseless Trip free listening
Senseless Trip - Agathocles
Agathocles Here and Now free listening
Here and Now - Agathocles
Agathocles Is it really mine? free listening
Is it really mine? - Agathocles