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No Mercy For Beginners by Fedele Ladisa


Album Info

Release Date: 2020-02-14

Label: Turbo

A member of popular techno trio Agents of Time, Italian artist Fedele goes solo AF on his Turbo debut, No Mercy for Beginners. Against the backdrop of a nightmare international tour experience, Fedele channeled his negative feelings away from people and into creating darkly euromotional dancefloor catharsis. Try it sometime. Sharp-eared lovers of listening may notice that lead track “Riot Revolte” purloins the loin jewels (the street-tough vocals) from Tiga’s 2004 classic, “Pleasure from the Bass.” DJ Hell noticed the shit out of this, introducing a mutant variation on the PFTB baseline into his lurid after-hours remix. Moreover, the entire EP recalls the legendary run of killer electro records that kicked off what many, many people refer to as Turbo’s Silver Age in the early-mid 2000s. This may be utterly meaningless, or it may herald the coming era of compressed cyclical time that will dictate dance music taste in the 2020s with the sort of mathematical precision rarely found outside pie chart software. Either way, you heard it here first. [info sheet from distr.]