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Signal Hybrid Recursion by MSHR


Album Info

Release Date: 2019

Label: De Player

The 12" LP (45 rpm) contains work mixed out at WORM studios, the booklet contains 72 pages of full color high res 3D images of their work and the t-shirt gives the possibility through a QR code to reach the digi space which is connected with the content of this all.

"This project explores the intersection of our sculptural and sonic practices, in their procedural and formal aspects. The sculptures were created in the open source 3d modeling program Blender, using a combination of intuitive and algorithmic methods. The audio was generated by using analog synthesizers of our own design in feedback with software instruments that we programmed using SuperCollider. The sounds that this produced were then through composed on a digital timeline. The audio and sculpture were also in a state of feedback with one another during this project, each form and texture inspiring the next.

The final format of the project exists as a hyper-shape hovering over the coordinates created by a vinyl record, a paper book, a netscape, and a t-shirt with an embedded virtual access point."