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Monsieur Lacenaire

Release Date: 2016-01-01

Label: Monsieur Lacenaire

Recorded the 24th of June 2015, during Monsieur Lacenaire Summer 2016 fashion show in Les Studio Saint-Germain, Paris.
Limited to 300 copies.

Text on back cover reads:
Mon dieu, notre premier disque!
This LP is history, and of course, there is a story behind. Or a question.
A big question that flutters over the studio each season : What will be the story for this collection ? What’s inspired us lately ? What do we want to tell ? What do we want to share ?
So, we were brainstorming about spring summer collection when a big black messenger walked into the studio with a thin package. I opened it. It was a record.
It was an original Joe Henderson’s In n’ Out LP. Great album. Great cover. Great design. A very modern design and in a mean time completely artisanal. At that time (in 1962), photoshop hasn’t replaced scissors and glue yet. Graphic design was really hand made with some cool imperfections, irregularities and beauty.
I watched Garance. She watched me. And she jumped to her laptop and I to my record collection.
We saw those lines, those squares, those irregularities, those strange and colorful shapes whom made Blue Note one of the most iconic label in the second half of XX century.
It was decided. This collection will be a tribute to Reid Miles, the graphic designer genius behind Blue Note artworks. This white guy who invented the imagery of jazz scene in the 50’s and 60’s, (and who didn’t reality liked jazz by the way!)
A timeless collection inspired by classic covers and jazz hits.
A collection drove by passion. The passion of jazz. Of its mood. Its stories. Heroes and Anonymous. Melodies and Themes. Plum of smoke and drinks. Club. Drugs. Quartet and solos. Jams and inspiration. Live recordings and laughs. The everything-related-into-jazz.
This collection is a whole word organized notes and vibes, and we named it « JAZZOCRATIE ».
But we wanted to go deeper into this jazz inspiration. To draw a strong link between this collection and the music. Make it real and true. So, that’s how came the idea of this album, recorded live during the presentation of the collection to buyers and journalists.
I called my friend Jean-Michel Proust, a jazz authority in France, and we discussed about the project. He introduced David Enhco and his fellas to me. Those young guns loved the project.
Then we found Les Studios Saint Germain, the oldest record studio in Paris.
A beautiful place rich in history, where Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon and other jazz gods recorded before us.
The rest of the story is in your hand, and should spin on your turntable.
Call friends. Open a good bottle. Turn your speakers on.
Bienvenue en JAZZOCRATIE.

Benoist Husson & Garance Broca.
Paris, the 9th of November 2015.

Producer and art director : Benoist Husson
Recorded and mixed by Guillaume Jay
Design by Thomas Dudon
Recorded at Les Studio Saint Germain, the 24th of June, the day before Thelonious’ birth.

© & ℗ Monsieur Lacenaire


Tracks In This Album

Monsieur Lacenaire Cheesecake free listening
Cheesecake - Monsieur Lacenaire
Monsieur Lacenaire Say You're Mine free listening
Say You're Mine - Monsieur Lacenaire
Monsieur Lacenaire Peace free listening
Peace - Monsieur Lacenaire
Monsieur Lacenaire This I dig For You free listening
This I dig For You - Monsieur Lacenaire
Monsieur Lacenaire Sidewinder free listening
Sidewinder - Monsieur Lacenaire
Monsieur Lacenaire Gemini free listening
Gemini - Monsieur Lacenaire
Monsieur Lacenaire Song For My Father free listening
Song For My Father - Monsieur Lacenaire
Monsieur Lacenaire Automn Leave free listening
Automn Leave - Monsieur Lacenaire