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The Incident


Release Date: 2014-03-14

Label: Aquavit Records

Limited numbered CD-Box edition (500 copies).

The Incident
Aquavit Records 2014

'The Incident' brings rubeck (a project created by Toni Bélmez in 1999) back to the music scene. After the success achieved by his solid album 'Gorgeous and Wet (is how we roll)' (2008), Aquavit Records releases his brand new album in two different formats, a numbered CD-box and as digital download.

'The Incident' includes 13 tracks that delve into the sounds rubeck has been creating from the very beginning, from rough techno ('Oberkampf', 'Aux 17') through techno-pop ('Décodeur', 'Lick This') and IDM ('Ash', 'Feedback', 'This Leak').

This time vocals are carried out by Emily B. ('Décodeur'), Modric ('Berlin') and Spunky ('Lick This'). The Incident is a colossal album, thoroughly produced during three long years, elegant, corrosive and full of textures.

The first single 'This Leak' has a spectacular video directed by Félix Fernández and Juanma Carrillo (https://vimeo.com/58778827). Its making and quality are barely seen in the national pop scene. It has been recently broadcasted throughout the whole world (at the 'Independent Film Festival' in Rome, at the 'MIX Festival' in New York, or at the 'Museum of the Americas' in Washington, to name a few). W

The album was introduced live at the Schumm-Braunstein gallery in Paris and at Lille's Grand Palais, in the north of France.

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Tracks In This Album

Rubeck Oberkampf free listening
Oberkampf - Rubeck
Rubeck Scarf-naked free listening
Scarf-naked - Rubeck
Rubeck Décodeur (feat. Emily B.) free listening
Décodeur (feat. Emily B.) - Rubeck
Rubeck Ash free listening
Ash - Rubeck
Rubeck Gamma free listening
Gamma - Rubeck
Rubeck Berlin (feat. Modric) free listening
Berlin (feat. Modric) - Rubeck
Rubeck Feedback free listening
Feedback - Rubeck
Rubeck Aux 17 free listening
Aux 17 - Rubeck
Rubeck Tymon free listening
Tymon - Rubeck
Rubeck 33 free listening
33 - Rubeck
Rubeck Lick this (feat. Spunky) free listening
Lick this (feat. Spunky) - Rubeck
Rubeck This leak free listening
This leak - Rubeck
Rubeck Tymon (reprise) free listening
Tymon (reprise) - Rubeck