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 - Cantorial Recordings Reimagined Free

Cantorial Recordings Reimagined


Release Date: 2014-12-15

Label: Blue Thread Publishing

Cantor: (Judaism) Also called Chazan, a person employed to lead synagogue services, esp. to traditional modes and melodies

Schizophonia: The condition of sound or sounds separate from their sources

"MUCH of the history of cantorial practice can be understood in the content of a fundamental tension between tradition and innovation, between the desire to preserve insular musical practices and the urge to adopt and mimic musical developments occurring outside the Jewish community." - YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews of Eastern Europe


Tracks In This Album

Schizophonia Shir Hashirim free listening
Shir Hashirim - Schizophonia
Schizophonia Tzur Chayenu free listening
Tzur Chayenu - Schizophonia
Schizophonia Wehoser Soton free listening
Wehoser Soton - Schizophonia
Schizophonia B'Rosh Hashonoh free listening
B'Rosh Hashonoh - Schizophonia
Schizophonia Shir Hamalos free listening
Shir Hamalos - Schizophonia
Schizophonia Vehu Rochum free listening
Vehu Rochum - Schizophonia
Schizophonia Menucho V'Simcho free listening
Menucho V'Simcho - Schizophonia
Schizophonia Brich Shmeh free listening
Brich Shmeh - Schizophonia
Schizophonia Hineni free listening
Hineni - Schizophonia