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Enoshima Breeze by Shinobu Nemoto


Album Info

Release Date: 2014-06-01

Label: Moufu - Rokuon

Edition of 50, in plastic sleeve.

“In order to verify back to repeat always there.
Recorded in 2006-2010.”

Notes on website:

"For the small, strange island of my town.
I should have been released in the SoSR name this album. However, the music of this album were recorded in 2006. I did not have in the name of called SoSR at that time, make music for a small island called ENOSHIMA it is not the first time. I was recorded the album for this island to a teenager, would like to also release the album sometime.

Enoshima ... That's the small strange island in Japanese Syonan. This island is hardening of the rock assumed to be dull in old times and the breakwater and tetrapod showed off the power of law. There was marina in the island and breeze of Enoshima sounded mast of the yacht. I got much inspiration from the island. I already made music at the age of the teens for this island. And, I newly made music concerning breeze of Enoshima here now. The sound of the guitar becomes breeze and does arrive to your room? Probably it is possible."

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