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Release Date: 2008

Label: Bremsstrahlung

The compilation consists of two CDs, and includes a second pair of CDs to "pass on to another curious listener." Also includes 30 index cards: one for each of the CD tracks, containing biographical info on the musicians involved, and three with illustrations. Everything is packaged in a special paper box.

1-2 composed in Studios C&C (Antwerp) and Crfmw (Liege), 1998, Belgium.
1-3 recording, editing, additional sounds, mixing, mastering at trente oiseaux studio, 1999.
1-4 formed + recorded, August 1999.
1-7 recorded Summer 1999 at Intransitive; based on a performance at WMFO, Tufts University Radio; dedicated to James Coleman and Richard Chartier.
1-8 excerpt from 43 min work; first presented as an installation at the ASU Art Museum Tempe AZ, 1999.
1-9 played live with Zoom Sampletrack ST-224 with prerecorded samples of laboratory equipment recorded with a high-gain surveillance contact microphone; dedicated to Sandy, who made it all possible.
1-11 thanks to Trey Jones for use of his computer.
1-12 small speakers emitting wire drones and incidental movements recorded in a mine shaft located near Kingston, New Mexico; mastered at the Watershed, Austin, Texas; thanks to Joe and Suzanne for the invitation to the Kingston dome.
2-1 constructed with a combination of analog modular synthesizer and synthesis software on a Macintosh G3.
2-3 conceived at night, executed by day…
2-5 made with a guitar and a Mac 3beam, September 1999.
2-6 made over a two day period using a Macintosh G3 with Cubase software, one Digetec Quad 2 and a cheap Walkman.
2-7 recorded live for the 90.3 FM Sonarchy radio broadcast at the Jack Straw Foundation studios, Seattle, WA.
2-10 recorded on the night of 08/20-21/1999.
2-13 created with tracking software/special process.

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Tracks In This Album

Roel Meelkop 1 (Beegee) free listening
1 (Beegee) - Roel Meelkop
Artificial Memory Trace, Slavek Kwi Infover free listening
Infover - Artificial Memory Trace, Slavek Kwi
Bernhard Günter In Her Dream / Mu Is Running / Autumn Moon (Haiku For Mu) free listening
In Her Dream / Mu Is Running / Autumn Moon (Haiku For Mu) - Bernhard Günter
Richard Chartier 3particles free listening
3particles - Richard Chartier
Nosei Sakata, *0 Cochler free listening
Cochler - Nosei Sakata, *0
Jason Lescalleet Needles free listening
Needles - Jason Lescalleet
Howard Stelzer, Greg Kelley, Dave Dougan Bend Or Fold free listening
Bend Or Fold - Howard Stelzer, Greg Kelley, Dave Dougan
Steve Roden, In Be Tween Noise 8 Windows (First Version) free listening
8 Windows (First Version) - Steve Roden, In Be Tween Noise
Josh Russell 1000x free listening
1000x - Josh Russell
Pimmon Finja Falso Peixes free listening
Finja Falso Peixes - Pimmon
Brekekekexkoaxkoax For Gerard Klauder free listening
For Gerard Klauder - Brekekekexkoaxkoax
Michael Northam Kapla (An Except) free listening
Kapla (An Except) - Michael Northam
Taylor Deupree Dopticn free listening
Dopticn - Taylor Deupree
Oren Ambarchi, Matthew Thomas Stratagem (Distortus) free listening
Stratagem (Distortus) - Oren Ambarchi, Matthew Thomas
Quockenzocker Wonthaggi free listening
Wonthaggi - Quockenzocker
Jos Smolders Sequenzen (Somehow Inspired By Kh Stockhausen) free listening
Sequenzen (Somehow Inspired By Kh Stockhausen) - Jos Smolders
Kid606 Done/Start free listening
Done/Start - Kid606
Adrian Lee (u)n(-)t(i)t(l)e(d) free listening
(u)n(-)t(i)t(l)e(d) - Adrian Lee
Warsaw, Jeph Jerman, Dave Knott, Mike Shannon, Doug Haire, Susie Kozawa, Mirosław Rajkowski Sonarchy Sounding free listening
Sonarchy Sounding - Warsaw, Jeph Jerman, Dave Knott, Mike Shannon, Doug Haire, Susie Kozawa, Mirosław Rajkowski
Colin Jenkinson, Kevin Schwartz Duoic Ecneirepxe free listening
Duoic Ecneirepxe - Colin Jenkinson, Kevin Schwartz
Lieutenant Caramel Music Pour Parking Payant free listening
Music Pour Parking Payant - Lieutenant Caramel
Joseph Zitt Mouth.midnight free listening
Mouth.midnight - Joseph Zitt
Ecclesiastical Scaffolding By Winter. It Had To Come To An End free listening
By Winter. It Had To Come To An End - Ecclesiastical Scaffolding
Richard Cochrane Las Bas (Lower Depths) free listening
Las Bas (Lower Depths) - Richard Cochrane
Dale Anderson Lost Velo free listening
Lost Velo - Dale Anderson
Rod Stasick Obeliskrying free listening
Obeliskrying - Rod Stasick
Tone Speak Tone Shifter free listening
Tone Shifter - Tone Speak