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dance punk

dance punk - Information

Dance-punk (also known as disco-punk or punk-funk) is a music genre. In the late 1970s, this music style was most closely associated with the post-punk and No Wave movements.

The original disco-punk fusion came with No Wave icon James Chance, who under the name of James White and The Blacks, released Off White in 1979 on Ze Records. In the early 1980s, the dance-punk scene in New York City was dominated by 99 Records bands such as the Bush Tetras, ESG and Liquid Liquid. The latter two's music was much sampled in the early days of Hip Hop. Other significant players were Pylon from Athens, GA, Gang of Four and Medium Medium from the UK.

In 1980 The Clash's rap song The Magnificent Seven became a crossover radio hit in NYC, and German punk singer Nina Hagen had a massive underground dance hit in 1983 with "New York New York", which mixed her searing punk (and opera) vocals with disco beats.

The music style re-emerged under the name dance-punk around the beginning of the 21st century. The style was championed by rock- and punk-oriented bands such as Liars and Radio 4, as well as dance-oriented acts such as Out Hud. Other groups, such as !!! and The Faint fell somewhere in the middle.There has since been a crystallization of musical forms within dance-punk, with Q and Not U exploring aspects of dance-punk, along with post-hardcore and other musical styles.

A recent British off-shoot of this branch is the newly-coined term New Rave.