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It all started in the happy days of 1998, when norwegian vinyl-shop owner Mikal Telle realized he had to start a small vinyl-based record label, especially since a lot of his friends made what he thought was cool music. These friends included Bjørn Torske, Erot, Annie and two guys named Torbjørn and Svein, later to become known as the duo "Röyksopp".

Today, Mikal and his friends run five different labels. Apart from Tellé, there's Éllet (which he started in 99 as an excuse to release his friends in Kings of Convenience), punk/HC label Primitive Records, 12" label Footnotes (Originally started by Bjørn Torske and Erot), and the brand new electrolabel Tellektro.

Telle Records
O J Brochsgt 12
Boks 2691
5836 Bergen

Phone: +47 55 32 42 44