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  • syod/krn/rage/pntr/limp/slipk/thrdwn

  • Chop Suey! - System of a Down
    Lonely Day - System of a Down
    B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down
    Toxicity - System of a Down
    Aerials - System of a Down
    ATWA - System of a Down
    Hypnotize - System of a Down
    Violent Pornography - System of a Down
    Streamline - System of a Down
    Prison Song - System of a Down
    Question! - System of a Down
    Deer Dance - System of a Down
    Radio/Video - System of a Down
    Cigaro - System of a Down
    Forest - System of a Down
    Psycho - System of a Down
    Needles - System of a Down
    Sugar - System of a Down
    Revenga - System of a Down
    Bounce - System of a Down
    Shimmy - System of a Down
    Lost in Hollywood - System of a Down
    Science - System of a Down
    Jet Pilot - System of a Down
    Old School Hollywood - System of a Down
    X - System of a Down
    This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song - System of a Down
    Sad Statue - System of a Down
    Soldier Side - System of a Down
    Attack - System of a Down
    Roulette - System of a Down
    Vicinity of Obscenity - System of a Down
    Innervision - System of a Down
    Spiders - System of a Down
    Dreaming - System of a Down
    I-E-A-I-A-I-O - System of a Down
    Holy Mountains - System of a Down
    Kill Rock 'n Roll - System of a Down
    Stealing Society - System of a Down
    Tentative - System of a Down
    She's Like Heroin - System of a Down
    U-Fig - System of a Down
    Bubbles - System of a Down
    Boom! - System of a Down
    Suite-Pee - System of a Down
    Suggestions - System of a Down
    Mr. Jack - System of a Down
    Highway Song - System of a Down
    Ego Brain - System of a Down
    Know - System of a Down
    Freak on a Leash - Korn
    Falling Away From Me - Korn
    Got the Life - Korn
    Coming Undone - Korn
    Twisted Transistor - Korn
    Blind - Korn
    Freak on a Leash - Korn
    Got the Life - Korn
    Falling Away From Me - Korn
    Coming Undone - Korn
    Blind - Korn
    Word Up! - Korn
    Twisted Transistor - Korn
    Here to Stay - Korn
    Did My Time - Korn
    A.D.I.D.A.S. - Korn
    Make Me Bad - Korn
    Right Now - Korn
    Alone I Break - Korn
    Y'all Want A Single - Korn
    Somebody Someone - Korn
    Faget - Korn
    Twist - Korn
    Trash - Korn
    Shoots and Ladders - Korn
    Dead Bodies Everywhere - Korn
    Clown - Korn
    Evolution - Korn
    Thoughtless - Korn
    All in the Family - Korn
    It's on! - Korn
    Pretty - Korn
    Beg for Me - Korn
    Children of the Korn - Korn
    Justin - Korn
    Good God - Korn
    Reclaim My Place - Korn
    Hollow Life - Korn
    Liar - Korn
    Ball Tongue - Korn
    Dead - Korn
    Wake Up - Korn
    Love Song - Korn
    Hey Daddy - Korn
    Throw Me Away - Korn
    B.B.K. - Korn
    Seed - Korn
    Let's Get This Party Started - Korn
    Need To - Korn
    No Way - Korn
    Divine - Korn
    Counting - Korn
    It's Gonna Go Away - Korn
    Chi - Korn
    Politics - Korn
    Counting On Me - Korn
    Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
    Walk - Pantera
    Cemetery Gates - Pantera
    This Love - Pantera
    Mouth for War - Pantera
    I'm Broken - Pantera
    Becoming - Pantera
    Fucking Hostile - Pantera
    A New Level - Pantera
    Domination - Pantera
    5 Minutes Alone - Pantera
    Shedding Skin - Pantera
    The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera
    Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills - Pantera
    Primal Concrete Sledge - Pantera
    Psycho Holiday - Pantera
    Hollow - Pantera
    Heresy - Pantera
    Planet Caravan - Pantera
    Revolution Is My Name - Pantera
    Rise - Pantera
    Drag the Waters - Pantera
    The Art of Shredding - Pantera
    Shattered - Pantera
    Clash With Reality - Pantera
    Live in a Hole - Pantera
    By Demons Be Driven - Pantera
    Message in Blood - Pantera
    Strength Beyond Strength - Pantera
    Medicine Man - Pantera
    No Good (Attack the Radical) - Pantera
    The Sleep - Pantera
    It Makes Them Disappear - Pantera
    Regular People (Conceit) - Pantera
    Where You Come From - Pantera
    Floods - Pantera
    War Nerve - Pantera
    Throes of Rejection - Pantera
    Slaughtered - Pantera
    Goddamn Electric - Pantera
    Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks - Pantera
    25 Years - Pantera
    Use My Third Arm - Pantera
    13 Steps to Nowhere - Pantera
    Hellbound - Pantera
    10's - Pantera
    Death Rattle - Pantera
    The Underground in America - Pantera
    Suicide Note Pt. II - Pantera
    Speak The Truth - Throwdown
    I'll Cast a Shadow - Pantera
    Burn - Throwdown
    Forever - Throwdown
    Vendetta - Throwdown
    You Can't Kill Integrity - Throwdown
    Holy Roller - Throwdown
    Walk Away - Throwdown
    We Will Rise - Throwdown
    The Blinding Light - Throwdown
    Headed South - Throwdown
    Widowed - Throwdown
    The Edge Is Strong - Throwdown
    Serpent Noose - Throwdown
    Accept The Change - Throwdown
    I, Suicide - Throwdown
    Declare Your War - Throwdown
    Hopeless - Throwdown
    Baby Got Back - Throwdown
    Discipline - Throwdown
    Slip - Throwdown
    False Idols - Throwdown
    Step It Up - Throwdown
    Nothing Left - Throwdown
    Raise Your Fist - Throwdown
    Shut You Down - Throwdown
    Hate For The Weak - Throwdown
    Give My Life - Throwdown
    Day of the Dog - Throwdown
    Intro (Never Back Down) - Throwdown
    To Live Is To Sacrifice - Throwdown
    The World Behind - Throwdown
    Americana - Throwdown
    Face the Mirror - Throwdown
    This Is Where It Ends - Throwdown
    Annihilation (N.W.D.) - Throwdown
    Weight of the World - Throwdown
    The Only Thing - Throwdown
    This Continuum - Throwdown
    Hellbent (On War) - Throwdown
    S.C.U.M. - Throwdown
    No Love - Throwdown
    Venom & Tears - Throwdown
    Cancer - Throwdown
    The Scythe - Throwdown
    Godspeed - Throwdown
    I'll Never Die A Poisoned Death - Throwdown
    Tombs - Throwdown
    Family - Throwdown
    Unite - Throwdown
    Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
    Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine
    Guerrilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine
    Bombtrack - Rage Against the Machine
    Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine
    Know Your Enemy - Rage Against the Machine
    Bullet in the Head - Rage Against the Machine
    Testify - Rage Against the Machine
    Maggie's Farm - Rage Against the Machine
    Sleep Now in the Fire - Rage Against the Machine
    Take the Power Back - Rage Against the Machine
    Freedom - Rage Against the Machine
    Killing In The Name - Remastered - Rage Against the Machine
    No Shelter - Rage Against the Machine
    Darkness - Rage Against the Machine
    Fistful of Steel - Rage Against the Machine
    Renegades of Funk - Rage Against the Machine
    Ashes in the Fall - Rage Against the Machine
    War Within a Breath - Rage Against the Machine
    Roll Right - Rage Against the Machine
    New Millennium Homes - Rage Against the Machine
    How I Could Just Kill a Man - Rage Against the Machine
    Year of tha Boomerang - Rage Against the Machine
    Calm Like a Bomb - Rage Against the Machine
    People of the Sun - Rage Against the Machine
    Township Rebellion - Rage Against the Machine
    Settle for Nothing - Rage Against the Machine
    Vietnow - Rage Against the Machine
    Born of a Broken Man - Rage Against the Machine
    Maria - Rage Against the Machine
    Mic Check - Rage Against the Machine
    Down Rodeo - Rage Against the Machine
    Revolver - Rage Against the Machine
    Voice of the Voiceless - Rage Against the Machine
    Tire Me - Rage Against the Machine
    Born as Ghosts - Rage Against the Machine
    Without a Face - Rage Against the Machine
    Pistol Grip Pump - Rage Against the Machine
    Wind Below - Rage Against the Machine
    Snakecharmer - Rage Against the Machine
    Kick Out the Jams - Rage Against the Machine
    Microphone Fiend - Rage Against the Machine
    The Ghost of Tom Joad - Rage Against the Machine
    Down on the Street - Rage Against the Machine
    Street Fighting Man - Rage Against the Machine
    Bullet In The Head (Live) - Rage Against the Machine
    Snake Charmer - Rage Against the Machine
    Beautiful World - Rage Against the Machine
    Duality - Slipknot
    I'm Housin' - Rage Against the Machine
    Wait and Bleed - Slipknot
    Before I Forget - Slipknot
    Psychosocial - Slipknot
    Vermilion - Slipknot
    People = Shit - Slipknot
    Left Behind - Slipknot
    My Plague - Slipknot
    Snuff - Slipknot
    Dead Memories - Slipknot
    Eyeless - Slipknot
    Circle - Slipknot
    Opium of the People - Slipknot
    Sulfur - Slipknot
    The Shape - Slipknot
    Vermilion Pt. 2 - Slipknot
    New Abortion - Slipknot
    The Virus of Life - Slipknot
    Vermilion, Pt. 2 - Slipknot
    Skin Ticket - Slipknot
    Gehenna - Slipknot
    Danger - Keep Away - Slipknot
    Butcher's Hook - Slipknot
    No Life - Slipknot
    Metabolic - Slipknot
    This Cold Black - Slipknot
    Wherein Lies Continue - Slipknot
    Diluted - Slipknot
    The Nameless - Slipknot
    Gematria (The Killing Name) - Slipknot
    Everything Ends - Slipknot
    Disasterpiece - Slipknot
    The Heretic Anthem - Slipknot
    Surfacing - Slipknot
    Iowa - Slipknot
    Prosthetics - Slipknot
    (Sic) - Slipknot
    Three Nil - Slipknot
    Welcome - Slipknot
    I Am Hated - Slipknot
    Only One - Slipknot
    Gently - Slipknot
    All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot
    Liberate - Slipknot
    Pulse of the Maggots - Slipknot
    Spit It Out - Slipknot
    The Blister Exists - Slipknot
    Prelude 3.0 - Slipknot
    Vendetta - Slipknot
    742617000027 - Slipknot
    Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
    Take a Look Around - Limp Bizkit
    My Way - Limp Bizkit
    My Generation - Limp Bizkit
    Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) - Limp Bizkit
    Nookie - Limp Bizkit
    Hot Dog - Limp Bizkit
    Bring it Back - Limp Bizkit
    Gimme The Mic - Limp Bizkit
    Walking Away - Limp Bizkit
    The Only One - Limp Bizkit
    Down Another Day - Limp Bizkit
    Head For The Barricade - Limp Bizkit
    Almost Over - Limp Bizkit
    Outro - Limp Bizkit
    Just Like This - Limp Bizkit
    Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle) - Limp Bizkit
    Indigo Flow - Limp Bizkit
    Trust? - Limp Bizkit
    Faith - Limp Bizkit
    Boiler - Limp Bizkit
    It'll Be OK - Limp Bizkit
    Pollution - Limp Bizkit
    Eat You Alive - Limp Bizkit
    Hold On - Limp Bizkit
    Counterfeit - Limp Bizkit
    Don't Go Off Wandering - Limp Bizkit
    Shotgun - Limp Bizkit
    Lonely World - Limp Bizkit
    Nobody Like You - Limp Bizkit
    A Lesson Learned - Limp Bizkit
    Re-Arranged - Limp Bizkit
    Intro - Limp Bizkit
    Livin' It Up - Limp Bizkit
    Full Nelson - Limp Bizkit
    N 2 Gether Now - Limp Bizkit
    Build a Bridge - Limp Bizkit
    Getcha Groove On - Limp Bizkit
    The One - Limp Bizkit
    No Sex - Limp Bizkit
    Gold Cobra - Limp Bizkit
    I'm Broke - Limp Bizkit
    Show Me What You Got - Limp Bizkit
    Drown - Limp Bizkit
    9 Teen 90 Nine - Limp Bizkit
    Underneath the Gun - Limp Bizkit
    Shark Attack - Limp Bizkit
    Stuck - Limp Bizkit
    Re-Entry - Limp Bizkit