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  • Clash - Caravan Palace
    Por quererte - Efecto Mariposa
    Pirates - Caravan Palace
    Jolie Coquine - Caravan Palace
    Secret - The Pierces
    Doctor Jones - Aqua
    Vital Signs - Rush
    Die Another Day - Madonna
    St. James Ballroom - Alice Francis
    French Affair - Alice Francis
    Too Damn Hot - Alice Francis
    Please, Love Me Too - Alice Francis
    Midnight - Swingrowers
    This Is Swing - Swingrowers
    Pump up the Jam - Electro Swing Version - Swingrowers
    Butterfly - Swingrowers
    Pack Up the Louie (Caravan Palace Remix) - Caro Emerald
    Limón y Sal - Julieta Venegas
    Calamidad - Efecto Mariposa
    Empires - The Electric Swing Circus
    My Oh My - Aqua
    Bad Boy Good Man - Tape Five
    Geraldines Routine - Tape Five
    A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin) - Tape Five
    The Smurf (Tape Five Remix instrumental) - Tape Five
    No Strings Attached - Swingrowers
    Don't Stop - Little Violet
    Femme Libertan - Tape Five
    The Penniless Optimist - The Electric Swing Circus
    Valentine - The Electric Swing Circus
    Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
    Strangelove - Depeche Mode
    Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
    Fall - Swing Republic
    Crazy in Love - Swing Republic
    Dream a Little Dream of Me - Doris Day
    Sway - Bic Runga
    Listening For The Weather - Bic Runga
    Something Good - Bic Runga
    Mr Sandman - The Puppini Sisters
    Soulsalicious - Tape Five
    Byakko no (Paprika Version) - 平沢進
    Little Busters - The Pillows
    Last Dinosaur - The Pillows
    Hybrid Rainbow - The Pillows
    Carnival - The Pillows
    Funny Bunny - The Pillows
    Beautiful Morning with You - The Pillows
    Carol of the Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    1234 - Feist
    Mushaboom - Feist
    Tout Doucement - Feist
    L'amour ne dure pas toujours - Feist
    Berceuse - Coeur de Pirate & Julien Doré
    coeur de pirate - Printemps
    Coeur de pirate - Francis
    Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
    Coeur De Pirate - La vie est ailleurs - Cœur de Pirate
    La Dispute - Yann Tiersen
    La Valse d'Amélie - Yann Tiersen
    Le Moulin - Yann Tiersen
    A quai - Yann Tiersen
    La Noyée - Yann Tiersen
    Le Banquet - Yann Tiersen
    La Valse des vieux os - Yann Tiersen
    La Valse des monstres - Yann Tiersen
    L'Autre Valse d'Amélie - Yann Tiersen
    La Redécouverte - Yann Tiersen
    Soir de fête - Yann Tiersen
    Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage
    Push It - Garbage
    When I Grow Up - Garbage
    Bleed Like Me - Garbage
    The Trick Is to Keep Breathing - Garbage
    Run Baby Run - Garbage
    Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) - Garbage
    Blood for Poppies - Garbage
    Control - Garbage
    Coin-Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls
    My Alcoholic Friends - The Dresden Dolls
    Backstabber - The Dresden Dolls
    Shores Of California - The Dresden Dolls
    The Astronomer - Vermillion Lies
    Typewriter Girl - Vermillion Lies
    The Organ Donor's March - Vermillion Lies
    The last waltz - OldBoy (OST)
    breathless - OldBoy (OST)
    Cries And Whispers - OldBoy (OST)
    For Whom The Bell Tolls - OldBoy (OST)
    Out of the Past - OldBoy (OST)
    Dressed To Kill - OldBoy (OST)
    Cul-De-Sac - OldBoy (OST)
    Frantic - OldBoy (OST)
    The Big Sleep - OldBoy (OST)
    Kiss Me Deadly - OldBoy (OST)
    The Stepford Wives Waltz - The Stepford Wives Soundtrack
    Maintenant - Rupa & the April Fishes
    C'est Pas D'l'amour - Rupa & the April Fishes
    C'est Moi - Rupa & the April Fishes
    Les Abeilles - Rupa & the April Fishes
    (San Francisco) - Rupa & the April Fishes
    L'éléphant - Rupa & the April Fishes
    Neruda - Rupa & the April Fishes
    BBoom BBoom - MOMOLAND
    Akatsuki - BABYMETAL
    K2G - PUFFY
    Nippon Manjyuu - Ladybaby
    Celebrity - Celebrity Skin
    Haunted - Poe
    Look Who's Talking - OldBoy (OST)