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  • Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe - Kendrick Lamar
    March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails
    A.D.H.D - Kendrick Lamar
    In My Zone - Rittz
    Every Day Is Exactly the Same - Nine Inch Nails
    m.A.A.d city - Kendrick Lamar
    Only - Nine Inch Nails
    Piggy - Nine Inch Nails
    Heresy - Nine Inch Nails
    A Warm Place - Nine Inch Nails
    Something I Can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails
    The Day the World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails
    Ruiner - Nine Inch Nails
    The Becoming - Nine Inch Nails
    Right Where It Belongs - Nine Inch Nails
    Wish - Nine Inch Nails
    All the Love in the World - Nine Inch Nails
    Sin - Nine Inch Nails
    Big Man With a Gun - Nine Inch Nails
    The Frail - Nine Inch Nails
    The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails
    Just Like You Imagined - Nine Inch Nails
    Reptile - Nine Inch Nails
    I Do Not Want This - Nine Inch Nails
    Mr. Self Destruct - Nine Inch Nails
    Love Is Not Enough - Nine Inch Nails
    Eraser - Nine Inch Nails
    The Wretched - Nine Inch Nails
    Getting Smaller - Nine Inch Nails
    For Real - Rittz
    The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails
    Somewhat Damaged - Nine Inch Nails
    The Beginning of the End - Nine Inch Nails
    You Know What You Are? - Nine Inch Nails
    Lie - Black Light Burns
    I Fail Truth - 16volt
    Don't Pray - 16volt
    at the end - 16 volt - supercoolnothing
    16-Volt - Low
    As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chillout Mix) - Motorcycle
    Where Is My Mind? - Pixies
    Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Nirvana
    Really Really - Kevin Gates
    I Don't Get Tired (#IDGT) [feat. August Alsina] - Kevin Gates
    Paper Chasers - Kevin Gates
    2 Phones - Kevin Gates
    Perfect Imperfection - Kevin Gates
    4:30am - Kevin Gates
    Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
    679 (Feat. Remy Boyz) - Fetty Wap
    Again - Fetty Wap
    679 (Feat. Monty) - Fetty Wap
    RGF Island - Fetty Wap
    Jugg (feat. Monty) - Fetty Wap
    My Way (feat. Monty) - Fetty Wap
    Trap Luv - Fetty Wap
    Smiling Faces - Kevin Gates
    Plug Daughter - Kevin Gates
    Get Em - Kevin Gates
    Get Up On My Level - Kevin Gates
    Homicide - Kevin Gates
    4:30am - Kevin Gates
    Sit Down - Kevin Gates
    Strokin’ - Kevin Gates
    Tiger - Kevin Gates
    Movie - Kevin Gates
    Amnesia (feat. Doe B) - Kevin Gates
    Neon Lights - Kevin Gates
    Thugged Out (feat. Boobie Black) - Kevin Gates
    Stop Lyin - Kevin Gates
    Cant Make This Up - Kevin Gates
    Die Bout It - Kevin Gates
    Bet I'm On It (feat. 2 Chainz) - Kevin Gates
    Keep Fucking With Me (feat. Plies) - Kevin Gates
    Careful - Kevin Gates
    Again - Kevin Gates
    Wit It - Kevin Gates
    Luca Brasi Intro - Kevin Gates
    Narco Trafficante (Feat. Percy Keith) - Kevin Gates
    Money Magnet - Kevin Gates
    Don't Know What To Call It - Kevin Gates
    Mr. Brasi - Kevin Gates
    Wassup With It - Kevin Gates
    MYB (feat. Starlito) - Kevin Gates
    Go Hard (feat. Rico Love) - Kevin Gates
    Pourin the Syrup - Kevin Gates
    Just Want Some Money - Kevin Gates
    In My Feelings - Kevin Gates
    Break the Bitch Down (feat. K. Camp) - Kevin Gates
    Paper Chasers [Prod. By Swiff D] - Kevin Gates
    Breezeblocks - alt-J
    Fitzpleasure - alt-J
    Hunger of the Pine - alt-J
    I Wonder - Fetty Wap
    Time (feat. Monty) - Fetty Wap
    Time (feat. Monty) - Fetty Wap
    Digital Bath - Deftones
    Out the Mud - Kevin Gates
    Change (In the House of Flies) - Deftones
    My Own Summer (Shove It) - Deftones
    Passenger - Deftones
    Minerva - Deftones
    Feiticeira - Deftones
    Elite - Deftones
    Trust You (Feat. Kevin Gates) [Prod. By SK & Arthur McArthur] - Pusha T
    RX Queen - Deftones
    Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) - Deftones
    Diamond Eyes - Deftones
    Around the Fur - Deftones
    Teenager - Deftones
    Pink Maggit - Deftones
    Street Carp - Deftones
    Bored - Deftones
    Korea - Deftones
    Hole in the Earth - Deftones
    Mascara - Deftones
    Lucky You - Deftones
    Hexagram - Deftones
    Rickets - Deftones
    Knife Party - Deftones
    Sextape - Deftones
    Lhabia - Deftones
    Needles and Pins - Deftones
    Lotion - Deftones
    You've Seen the Butcher - Deftones
    Good Morning Beautiful - Deftones
    Headup - Deftones
    Royal - Deftones
    Beauty School - Deftones
    Rocket Skates - Deftones
    Minus Blindfold - Deftones
    Swerve City - Deftones
    Deathblow - Deftones
    Root - Deftones
    Nosebleed - Deftones
    Dai the Flu - Deftones
    Cherry Waves - Deftones
    One Weak - Deftones
    Bloody Cape - Deftones
    Beware - Deftones
    Prince - Deftones
    Lifter - Deftones
    When Girls Telephone Boys - Deftones
    CMND/CTRL - Deftones
    Risk - Deftones
    Knife Prty - Deftones
    Battle-Axe - Deftones
    Perfect Imperfection - Kevin Gates
    Out the Mud - Kevin Gates
    7 Words - Deftones
    Really Really - Kevin Gates
    John Gotti - Kevin Gates
    Wish I Had It - Kevin Gates
    I Don't Get Tired (#IDGT) [feat. August Alsina] - Kevin Gates
    Paper Chasers - Kevin Gates
    Posed To Be In Love - Kevin Gates
    2 Phones - Kevin Gates
    Satellites - Kevin Gates
    Dont Know - Kevin Gates
    Kno One - Kevin Gates
    IDGAF - Kevin Gates
    Arm And Hammer - Kevin Gates
    White Tan - Kevin Gates
    4 Legs and a Biscuit - Kevin Gates
    Kirko Bangz-Knowmtalmbout Feat Paul Wall - Kirko Bangz
    As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chillout Mix) - Motorcycle
    For Real - Rittz
    at the end - 16 volt - supercoolnothing
    Zone 3 - Denzel Curry
    Suicide is Painless - Marilyn Manson