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  • The Impact of Reason - Underoath
    It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door - Underoath
    Reinventing Your Exit - Underoath
    ~ - Touché Amoré
    Writing on the Walls - Underoath
    Pathfinder - Touché Amoré
    Young and Aspiring - Underoath
    You're Ever So Inviting - Underoath
    Honest Sleep - Touché Amoré
    Art Official - Touché Amoré
    A Warm Room - Envy
    Method Act - Touché Amoré
    Broken Records - Touché Amoré
    Filial - Pianos Become the Teeth
    Crutch - Touché Amoré
    Good Times - Pianos Become the Teeth
    Condolences - Touché Amoré
    Color of Fetters - Envy
    Anemia - Gloria
    Crystallize - Envy
    Scene - Envy
    Distress of Ignorance - Envy
    Home Away From Here - Touché Amoré
    Face Ghost - Touché Amoré
    Night In Winter - Envy
    Further Ahead Of Warp - Envy
    Shield Of Selflessness - Envy
    The Unknown Glow - Envy
    Prev - Pianos Become the Teeth
    Quit Benefit - Pianos Become the Teeth
    I'll Be Damned - Pianos Become the Teeth
    Pensive - Pianos Become the Teeth
    Shared Bodies - Pianos Become the Teeth
    I'll Get By - Pianos Become the Teeth
    Am I Wrong - Envy
    Coventry - Old Gray
    Escapism Pt. II - Ampere
    Emily's First Communion - Old Gray
    Dying Leaves - Old Gray
    Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth - Old Gray
    Sleepshaker - Pianos Become the Teeth
    I Still Remember Who I Was Last Summer - Old Gray
    Show Me How You Self Destruct - Old Gray
    My Life With You, My Life Without You - Old Gray
    The Artist - Old Gray
    Azure - Vanilla
    Не Быть Человеком - Marschak
    мой новый день - Marschak
    Изолят - Marschak
    Меня Не Было Здесь - Marschak
    Moi Le Premier - Sed Non Satiata
    Swept Away - Vanilla
    Hypocrisie Des Sentiments - Sed Non Satiata
    Welches Leben? - Escapado
    Spirit Fuel - Sed Non Satiata
    Апраксия - Marschak
    Les Hommes Sans Visage - Sed Non Satiata
    Asas Fracas - Gloria
    Grau in grau - Escapado
    Wolves - Old Gray
    É Só Você Lembrar - Gloria
    The Graduate - Old Gray
    Me Tira Daqui - Gloria
    Tirar Você De Mim - Gloria
    Minha Paz - Gloria
    Diferente De Você - Gloria
    Tudo Outra Vez - Gloria
    Sua canção - Gloria
    Such Confidence - Pianos Become the Teeth
    Vai Pagar Caro Por Me Conhecer - Gloria
    Tigersuit - Raein
    The King Is Dead - Raein
    The Tree - Raein
    From 3 To 1 In 2 And 4 - Raein
    Artmachine Observation Tower - Raein
    Miss Kelly Dathe - Raein
    endlesstourlife - Raein
    I Was Fine Before You Came - Raein
    She Wears My Blood - Raein
    1 di 6 - Raein
    This Heart Easily Tears - Suis la lune
    Desperate Times... - Suis la lune
    Quiet, Pull The Strings! - Suis la lune
    My Mind Is A Birdcage - Suis la lune
    Utter Silence Is Fragile - Suis la lune
    Eris Flies Tonight - Suis la lune
    A Letter - A Void - Suis la lune
    The Light Matters Always Matters - Suis la lune
    September Gave Us Akwardness, October Gave Me Nothing - Suis la lune
    Cornea - Suis la lune
    Notres Langues Nous Trompent - Saetia
    An Open Letter - Saetia
    The Sweetness and the Light - Saetia
    Woodwell - Saetia
    Postlapsaria - Saetia
    Venus and Bacchus - Saetia
    Ariadne's Thread - Saetia
    From the Firmament - Saetia
    Our Adventures Incomplete - Ampere
    Corporeal - Saetia
    Woodlawn - Ampere
    Some Natures Catch No Plagues - Saetia
    New Urbanism - Ampere
    Against Automation - Ampere
    The Old World is Behind Us - Ampere
    Dover & Grove - Ampere
    Past Imperfect - Ampere
    The Jailors Speak of Freedom - Ampere
    Hier und jetzt - Escapado
    Magnolien - Escapado
    verbindung - Escapado
    Abstand auf Distanz - Escapado
    Endlosschleifen - Escapado
    Kommando MOSFET - Escapado
    In Memoriam - Ampere
    Geschient - Escapado
    Urgent d'attendre - Sed Non Satiata
    Des Ruines - Sed Non Satiata
    Октябрь, 23 - Marschak
    Gilles De Tourette Syndrome - Marschak
    Interlude - Sed Non Satiata
    Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome - Marschak
    разговор с самим собой - Marschak
    En attendant l'aube - Sed Non Satiata
    Les colonnes de soie - Sed Non Satiata
    Entre les mots - Sed Non Satiata
    Still Love U - Vanilla
    Dreamin' - Vanilla
    Endgame - Vanilla
    Нет Никаких Нас - Marschak
    Wishiknew - Vanilla
    This Time - Vanilla
    Summer - Vanilla
    Good Times - Vanilla
    The People - Vanilla