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  • Everybody Loves You When You - Vains of Jenna
    Refugee - Vains of Jenna
    Mind Pollution - Vains of Jenna
    Paper Heart - Vains of Jenna
    Get It On - Vains of Jenna
    Better Off Alone - Vains of Jenna
    I Don - Vains of Jenna
    Armageddon - Crashdïet
    So alive - Crashdïet
    Generation Wild - Crashdïet
    Rebel - Crashdïet
    Native nature - Crashdïet
    Chemical - Crashdïet
    Bound to Fall - Crashdïet
    442 - Crashdïet
    Armageddon - Crashdïet
    So alive - Crashdïet
    Generation Wild - Crashdïet
    Rebel - Crashdïet
    Save Her - Crashdïet
    Save Her - Crashdïet
    Down With the Dust - Crashdïet
    Down With the Dust - Crashdïet
    Native nature - Crashdïet
    Chemical - Crashdïet
    Bound to Fall - Crashdïet
    Beautiful pain - Crashdïet
    Beautiful pain - Crashdïet
    Animal Attraction - Reckless Love
    Speedin - Reckless Love
    Enemy in Me - Vains of Jenna
    Born To Break Your Heart - Reckless Love
    Hot - Reckless Love
    442 - Crashdïet
    The Art of Telling Lies - Vains of Jenna
    Fantasy - Reckless Love
    I Belong to Yesterday - Vains of Jenna
    On The Radio - Reckless Love
    Coconuts - Reckless Love
    Dirty Dreams - Reckless Love
    Dance - Reckless Love
    Hell Raising Women - Crazy Lixx
    Fight - Reckless Love
    Switchblade Babe - Reckless Love
    I Missed The Mark - Crazy Lixx
    Outlaw - Crazy Lixx
    Ain - Crazy Lixx
    All Looks, No Hooks - Crazy Lixx
    Call To Action - Crazy Lixx
    Sound Of The Loud Minority - Crazy Lixx
    Girl - Crazy Lixx
    Heroes Are Forever - Crazy Lixx
    Need No Company - Hardcore Superstar
    Medicate Me - Hardcore Superstar
    Wrecking Ball Crew - Crazy Lixx
    Silence for the Peacefully - Hardcore Superstar
    Psycho City - Crazy Lixx
    Spreadin - Hardcore Superstar
    Sophisticated Ladies - Hardcore Superstar
    Lesson in Violence - Hardcore Superstar
    Dreamin - Hardcore Superstar
    No Resistance - Hardcore Superstar
    Wake up Dead in a Garbagecan - Hardcore Superstar
    This Is for the Mentally Damaged - Hardcore Superstar
    Sorry for the Shape I - Hardcore Superstar
    Earn The Crown - Backyard Babies
    Everybody Ready?! - Backyard Babies
    Bastards - Hardcore Superstar
    A Song for the Outcast - Backyard Babies
    Sensitive to the Light - Hardcore Superstar
    One Sound - Backyard Babies
    Year By Year - Backyard Babies
    Say When - Backyard Babies
    Minus Celsius - Backyard Babies
    Be Myself And I - Backyard Babies
    You Tell Me You Love Me You Lie - Backyard Babies
    Friends - Backyard Babies
    Liberation - Babylon Bombs
    Pigs For Swine - Backyard Babies
    Angel Eyes - Babylon Bombs
    Nobody - Babylon Bombs
    It - Babylon Bombs
    Rattle My Bones - Babylon Bombs
    Anywhere the wind blows - Babylon Bombs
    Goodbye Good Luck - Babylon Bombs
    Shine on - Babylon Bombs
    Babylon - Babylon Bombs
    Resurrection Love - Babylon Bombs
    Winding road - Babylon Bombs
    Fade Away - Babylon Bombs
    Kalifornia - Nasty Idols
    Night By Night - Nasty Idols
    Pleasure of the Pain - Nasty Idols
    Roadtrip - Nasty Idols
    Since U Been Gone - Nasty Idols
    Jack in the Box - Nasty Idols
    Midnight Ride - Dirty Penny
    Hot & Heavy - Dirty Penny
    Runnin - Dirty Penny
    Sleeze Disease - Dirty Penny
    Take a Bite - Dirty Penny
    Push Comes to Shove - Dirty Penny
    Scream & Shout - Dirty Penny
    Sister Sin - Nasty Idols
    Vendetta - Dirty Penny
    Rock - Dirty Penny
    No. 1 - Dirty Penny
    Black n - Dirty Penny
    Thunder & Lightning - Gemini Five
    Scream 4 Me - Gemini Five
    Here - Gemini Five
    Sleeze Disease (acoustic) - Dirty Penny
    All Pistols - Gemini Five
    Lay Your Money Down - Gemini Five
    No More Rules - Nasty Idols
    I Am Hollow - Gemini Five
    Sex Drugs Anarchy - Gemini Five
    Blood on the Bricks - Gemini Five
    We do Not Come In Peace - Gemini Five
    Something - Gemini Five
    Welcome to the Freakshow - Fatal Smile
    Stay With Me - Gemini Five
    Raising Hell in Heaven - Fatal Smile
    Broken Heart - Fatal Smile
    Judgement Day - Fatal Smile
    Nailed to the Wall - Fatal Smile
    Here 2Day Gone 2Mrw - Gemini Five
    Take It to the Limit - Fatal Smile
    My Private Hell - Fatal Smile
    Scarecrow - Fatal Smile
    Innocent - Fatal Smile
    Screaming For Adrenaline - Santa Cruz
    Anthem for the Young - Santa Cruz
    Relentless Renegades - Santa Cruz
    Nothing Compares To You - Santa Cruz
    For The Last In Line - Fatal Smile
    Sweet Sensation - Santa Cruz
    High On You - Santa Cruz
    Let - Santa Cruz
    Alive - Santa Cruz
    Break These Chains - Fatal Smile
    Let Me (Lay My Love On You) - Santa Cruz
    Lovin´ You ( Is Just For Playing ) - Santa Cruz
    Two Hot Girls - Jettblack
    Aiming High - Santa Cruz
    War Between Us - Jettblack
    When It Comes To Lovin´ - Jettblack
    Get Your Hands Dirty - Jettblack
    Fooled By A Rose - Jettblack
    Mother Fucker - Jettblack
    Not Even Love - Jettblack
    Sleep - Jettblack
    Slip It On - Jettblack
    War Between Us - Jettblack
    Innocence Is Mine - Jettblack
    Chasing Love - Jettblack
    Fire and Water - Devil
    To the Ground - Devil
    Devil - Devil
    Sweet Devil - Devil
    Holding - Jettblack
    Room 66/64 - Devil
    Forever - Devil
    The Answers - Devil
    American Woman - Devil
    Roll the Dice - Devil
    Bottlemate - Hardbone
    Girls & Gasoline - Hardbone
    Wild Nights - Hardbone
    Yellow Blaze - Devil
    Grave Digger - Hardbone
    Fat Cat - Hardbone
    Coming Home - Devil
    One Night Stand - Hardbone
    Find New Love - Devil
    Young Blood - Hardbone
    This Is Rock - Hardbone
    Hellevator - Hardbone
    The Only Thing - Hardbone
    Beat To Death Like A Dog - Rhino Bucket
    Hey There - Rhino Bucket
    No Friend Of Mine - Rhino Bucket
    This Ain - Rhino Bucket
    Bar Time - Rhino Bucket
    The Devil Sent You - Rhino Bucket
    She - Rhino Bucket
    Scratch - Rhino Bucket
    Stomp - Rhino Bucket
    Burn The World - Rhino Bucket
    Wild One - Wig Wam
    C - Wig Wam
    Ride With Yourself - Rhino Bucket
    Walls Come Down - Wig Wam
    All You Wanted - Wig Wam
    Still I - Wig Wam
    Do Ya Wanna Taste It - Wig Wam
    From Here - Wig Wam
    Rocket Through My Heart - Wig Wam
    Man In The Moon - Wig Wam
    Chasing Rainbows - Wig Wam
    I Want It All - The Poodles
    Until Our Kingdom Falls - The Poodles
    Father To A Son - The Poodles
    Non Stop Rock and Roll - Wig Wam
    Gotta Get It On - Wig Wam
    As Time Is Passing - The Poodles
    Love Is All - The Poodles
    Action! - The Poodles
    Bring Back The Night - The Poodles
    Vampire - The Poodles
    I Believe In You - The Poodles
    Cuts Like A Knife - The Poodles
    I - Shakra
    Don - The Poodles
    Into The Quiet Night - The Poodles
    Your Time Is Now - The Poodles
    Crazy - Shakra
    Yesterday - Shakra
    Mmtwgr - Shakra
    When I See You - Shakra
    Lonesomeness - Shakra
    Back on Track - Shakra
    B True B You - Shakra
    Unspoken Truth - Shakra
    Stronger Than Ever - Shakra
    Asking For It - Shinedown
    Someday - Shakra
    Brand New Day - Shakra
    outcast - Shinedown
    Cut The Cord - Shinedown
    State of My Head - Shinedown
    It All Adds Up - Shinedown
    Oblivion - Shinedown
    Dangerous - Shinedown
    Thick as Thieves - Shinedown
    Misfits - Shinedown
    Fur Cue - Seether
    Black Cadillac - Shinedown
    Here and Now - Seether
    How Did You Love? - Shinedown
    Country Song - Seether
    Master of Disaster - Seether
    Pass Slowly - Seether
    Tonight - Seether
    Roses - Seether
    Down - Seether
    No Resolution - Seether
    Fade Out - Seether
    Dead Seeds - Seether
    Forsaken - Seether
    Nobody - Seether
    Yeah - Seether
    Effigy - Seether
    Loaded and Alone (Album Version) - Hinder
    Last Kiss Goodbye (Album Version) - Hinder
    Desire for Need - Seether
    Use Me (Album Version) - Hinder
    Take It To The Limit (Album Version) [feat. Mick Mars] - Hinder
    Up All Night (Album Version) - Hinder
    The Best is Yet to Come (Album Version) - Hinder
    Without You (Album Version) - Hinder
    Lost In The Sun (Album Version) - Hinder
    Thing For You (Album Version) - Hinder
    Far From Home (Album Version) - Hinder
    Life Is A Bullet - Papa Roach
    Time and Time Again - Papa Roach
    Heaven Sent (Album Version) - Hinder
    M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement) - Papa Roach
    Walking Thru Barbed Wire - Papa Roach
    Born With Nothing, Die With Everything - Papa Roach
    She Loves Me Not - Papa Roach
    Black Clouds - Papa Roach
    Gouge Away - Papa Roach
    Code of Energy - Papa Roach
    Decompression Period - Papa Roach
    Singular Indestructible Droid - Papa Roach
    Never Said It - Papa Roach
    Epitaph - Pop Evil
    Broken & Betrayed - Pop Evil
    Monster You Made - Pop Evil
    lovehatetragedy - Papa Roach
    Last Man Standing - Pop Evil
    Boss - Pop Evil
    Black & Blue - Pop Evil
    Next Life - Pop Evil
    Let It Go - Pop Evil
    Good With The Bad - Pop Evil
    Blind Man - Black Stone Cherry
    Daisy Chain - Pop Evil
    Purple - Pop Evil
    Last Man Standing (Manic Motor City Mayhem Mix) - Pop Evil
    Soulcreek - Black Stone Cherry
    Long Sleeves - Black Stone Cherry
    Reverend Wrinkle - Black Stone Cherry
    Peace Is Free - Black Stone Cherry
    Devil - Black Stone Cherry
    Things My Father Said - Black Stone Cherry
    The Bitter End - Black Stone Cherry
    The Key - Black Stone Cherry
    Sunrise - Black Stone Cherry
    You - Black Stone Cherry
    Next 2 You - Buckcherry
    Out Of Line - Buckcherry
    Please Come In - Black Stone Cherry
    Carousel - Buckcherry
    So Far - Buckcherry
    Ghost of Floyd Collins - Black Stone Cherry
    Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry
    Everything - Buckcherry
    Brooklyn - Buckcherry
    Broken Glass - Buckcherry
    Sunshine - Buckcherry
    Slaughterman - Blood God
    Sorry - Buckcherry
    Onset - Buckcherry
    Monstermaker - Blood God
    Warhordes From The Underworld - Blood God
    Defenders Of The Throne Of Fire - Blood God
    World Of Blood Gods - Blood God
    Blood Is My Trademark - Blood God
    Mr. Kill - Blood God
    Sexy Music For Sexy People - Blood God
    Carnager - Blood God
    Rattlesnake Rumble - Krokus
    Hallelujah Rock n - Krokus
    Dragonbeasts Are Rising - Blood God
    Help - Krokus
    Go Baby Go - Krokus
    Better Than Sex - Krokus
    Dirty Dynamite - Krokus
    Let The Good Times Roll - Krokus
    Bailout Blues - Krokus
    Hardrocking Man - Krokus
    Live Ma Life - Krokus
    1 A.M. - Beautiful Creatures
    Dög Song - Krokus
    Yellow Mary - Krokus
    Wasted - Beautiful Creatures
    Ride - Beautiful Creatures
    Step Back - Beautiful Creatures
    Wish - Beautiful Creatures
    Kick Out - Beautiful Creatures
    Kickin - Beautiful Creatures
    Blacklist - Beautiful Creatures
    Goin - Beautiful Creatures
    Time and Time Again - Beautiful Creatures
    New Orleans - Beautiful Creatures
    Eighteen Angels - Michael Monroe
    Saturday Night Special - Michael Monroe
    Stained Glass Heart - Michael Monroe
    TNT Diet - Michael Monroe
    I Got it All - Beautiful Creatures
    Half The Way - Michael Monroe
    Horns And Halos - Michael Monroe
    Ritual - Michael Monroe
    Ballad Of The Lower East Side - Michael Monroe
    Soul Surrender - Michael Monroe
    Born to Kill - Airbourne
    Child Of The Revolution - Michael Monroe
    Blonde, Bad and Beautiful - Airbourne
    Raise the Flag - Airbourne
    Hands Are Tied - Michael Monroe
    Bottom of the Well - Airbourne
    Steel Town - Airbourne
    It Ain - Airbourne
    Chewin - Airbourne
    Back on the Bottle - Airbourne
    Overdrive - Airbourne
    Get Busy Livin - Airbourne
    Touch The Sky - The Last Vegas
    White Line Fever - Airbourne
    Armed and Dangerous - Airbourne
    Invicible Summer - The Last Vegas
    Come With Me - The Last Vegas
    Lucky 13 - The Last Vegas
    You & Me (You Never Know) - The Last Vegas
    Miss You - The Last Vegas
    Death Style - The Last Vegas
    Face In The Crowd - The Last Vegas
    Blackout Station - Dynamite
    Sweet Salvation - The Last Vegas
    Talk Is Cheap - Dynamite
    Hail Rock n' Roll - Dynamite
    Burn It Down - Dynamite
    Talk Is Cheap - Dynamite
    Burn It Down - Dynamite
    Blackout Station - Dynamite
    It's a Long Way Home - Dynamite
    Hail Rock n' Roll - Dynamite
    Grind for a Dime - Dynamite
    Damn You Woman - Dynamite
    Give It to Me - Dynamite
    Hard to Please - Dynamite
    Wild and Untame - Dynamite
    Ride Alone (Special Edition Bonus Track) - Dynamite
    Wild and Untame - Dynamite
    It's a Long Way Home - Dynamite
    Grind for a Dime - Dynamite
    No Way but the Hard Way - Airbourne
    Hard to Please - Dynamite
    Ride Alone (Special Edition Bonus Track) - Dynamite
    Give It to Me - Dynamite
    Damn You Woman - Dynamite
    We Are the Sex Slaves - Sex Slaves
    Die With Me (Big City) - Sex Slaves
    Summer's Back - Sex Slaves
    No More Reasons - Sex Slaves
    Sex Sex Sex - Sex Slaves
    What Have You Come For - Sex Slaves
    No Satisfaction - Sex Slaves
    Buried - Sex Slaves
    Do It Again - Sex Slaves
    Waiting - Sex Slaves
    2 A.M. - Sex Slaves