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  • October 5, 2018 Playlist

  • What Is Hip? - Tower of Power
    Diggin' On James Brown - Tower of Power
    Souled Out - Tower of Power
    It All Comes Back - Tower of Power
    Please Come Back (To Stay) - Tower of Power
    You're Still a Young Man - Tower of Power
    So Very Hard To Go - Tower of Power
    Soul Vaccination - Tower of Power
    The Real Deal - Tower of Power
    Cruise Control - Tower of Power
    Come To A Decision - Tower of Power
    I Like Your Style - Tower of Power
    South Of The Boulevard - Tower of Power
    We Came To Play - Tower of Power
    Down To The Nightclub - Tower of Power
    This Time It's Real - Tower of Power
    It's Not the Crime - Tower of Power
    Souled Out - Tower of Power
    Credit - Tower of Power
    Soul With A Capital 'S' - Tower of Power
    A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing) - Tower of Power
    Only So Much Oil in the Ground - Tower of Power
    What Is Hip? - Tower of Power
    Stop - Tower of Power
    East Bay! All Day! - Tower of Power
    When Love Takes Control - Tower of Power
    What Happened To The World That Day? (Remastered Version) - Tower of Power
    Time Will Tell (Remastered Version) - Tower of Power
    Below Us, All The City Lights - Remastered - Tower of Power
    Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream) - Remastered - Tower of Power
    Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong) - Tower of Power
    Just When We Start Makin' It - Tower of Power
    ...Oakland Stroke - Tower of Power
    Attitude Dance (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    Personal Possessions (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    A Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing) - Tower of Power
    Miss Trouble (Got A Lot Of Nerve) - Tower of Power
    Keep Your Monster On A Leash (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    Mr Toad's Wild Ride (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    Oakland Zone - Tower of Power
    While We Went To The Moon (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    We Came To Play - Tower of Power
    It Takes Two (To Make It Happen) (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    Just Make A Move (And Be Yourself) - Tower of Power
    In Due Time (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    Fanfare / You Know It - Tower of Power
    You're gonna need me - Tower of Power
    Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now - Tower of Power
    Social Lubrication - Tower of Power
    Flash in the Pan - Tower of Power
    (To Say the Least) You're the Most - Tower of Power
    Ebony Jam - Tower of Power
    Maybe It'll Rub Off - Tower of Power
    Give Me the Proof - Tower of Power
    Walkin' Up Hip Street - Tower of Power
    It's So Nice - Tower of Power
    While We Went To The Moon - Tower of Power
    East Bay! All Day! - Tower of Power
    On the Soul Side of Town - Tower of Power
    Oakland Zone - Tower of Power
    Eastside... - Tower of Power
    Spain - Chick Corea
    Captain Marvel - Chick Corea
    Dayride (feat. Chick Corea) - Return to Forever
    Elektric City - Chick Corea Elektric Band
    500 Miles High - Chick Corea
    Blue Miles - Chick Corea
    Vulcan Worlds - Return to Forever
    500 Miles High - Return to Forever
    Captain Marvel - Return to Forever
    Who Do You Think You Are (Album Version) - Tower of Power
    Light As A Feather - Return to Forever
    Earth Juice - Return to Forever
    No Mystery - Return to Forever
    Space Circus - Return to Forever
    The Shadow of Lo - Return to Forever
    The Musician - Return to Forever
    Hello Again - Return to Forever
    So Long Mickey Mouse - Return to Forever
    On Green Dolphin Street (Live) - Return to Forever
    Flight of the Newborn (feat. Chick Corea) - Return to Forever
    Spain [Live] - Return to Forever
    So Long Mickey Mouse - Live - Return to Forever
    The Musician - Live - Return to Forever
    Opening '77 - Live - Return to Forever
    Come Rain Or Come Shine - Live - Return to Forever
    Sugar - Stanley Turrentine
    Vera Cruz - Stanley Turrentine
    Terrible T - Stanley Turrentine
    Cruisin' - Stanley Turrentine
    Night Breeze - Stanley Turrentine
    Take 4 - Stanley Turrentine
    Touching - Stanley Turrentine
    La Place Street - Stanley Turrentine
    Sparkle - Stanley Turrentine
    Kick Up - Eric Miyashiro
    Gibraltar - Stanley Turrentine
    Get It On - Eric Miyashiro
    I'm Still Standing - Elton John
    Look Out - Stanley Turrentine
    Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton John
    Bennie And The Jets - Remastered 2014 - Elton John
    Africa - Toto
    Hold the Line - Toto
    Rosanna - Toto
    Viva la Vida - Coldplay
    Letter From Home - Pat Metheny Group
    Bright Size Life - Pat Metheny
    Part Two - Pat Metheny Group
    Always and Forever - Pat Metheny Group
    Better Days Ahead - Pat Metheny Group
    Are You Going With Me? - Pat Metheny Group
    Facing West - Pat Metheny
    So May It Secretly Begin - Pat Metheny Group
    As It Is - Pat Metheny Group
    James - Pat Metheny Group
    This Is Not America (with the Pat Metheny Group) - David Bowie
    Here To Stay - Pat Metheny Group
    San Lorenzo - Pat Metheny Group
    In Her Family - Pat Metheny Group
    The Girls Next Door - Pat Metheny Group
    Eighteen - Pat Metheny Group
    Watercolors - Pat Metheny
    Afternoon - Pat Metheny Group
    Stranger In Town - Pat Metheny Group
    If I Could - Pat Metheny Group
    You - Pat Metheny Group
    (Cross The) Heartland - Pat Metheny Group
    Jaco - Pat Metheny Group
    April Joy - Pat Metheny Group
    Red Sky - Pat Metheny Group
    Your Song - Elton John
    Something To Remind You - Pat Metheny Group
    River Quay - Pat Metheny
    Yolanda, You Learn - Pat Metheny Group
    Third Wind - Pat Metheny
    Tell It All - Pat Metheny Group
    American Garage - Pat Metheny Group
    Lone Jack - Pat Metheny Group
    Too Soon Tomorrow - Pat Metheny Group
    Aprilwind - Pat Metheny Group
    Chris - Pat Metheny Group
    Minuano - Pat Metheny
    It's For You - Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays
    Better Days Ahead - Pat Metheny
    Sometimes I See - Pat Metheny Group
    Minuano - Pat Metheny Group
    Red Clay - Freddie Hubbard
    LITTLE SUNFLOWER - Freddie Hubbard
    Song For Bilbao - Pat Metheny Group
    Crisis - Freddie Hubbard
    First Light - Freddie Hubbard
    Up jumped spring - Freddie Hubbard
    Povo - Freddie Hubbard
    Sky Dive - Freddie Hubbard
    Backlash - Freddie Hubbard
    Brigitte - Freddie Hubbard
    Lonely Town - Freddie Hubbard
    Wichita Lineman - Freddie Hubbard
    Wichita Lineman - Freddie Hubbard
    Coral Keys - Freddie Hubbard
    The Black Angel - Freddie Hubbard
    Gittin' Down - Freddie Hubbard
    First Light (Live) - Freddie Hubbard
    Misty - Freddie Hubbard
    Super Blue - Freddie Hubbard
    Red Clay (Live Version) - Freddie Hubbard
    All Blues - Oscar Peterson and Freddie Hubbard
    Willowcrest - The Buddy Rich Big Band
    Ya Gotta Try - The Buddy Rich Big Band
    Time Check - The Buddy Rich Big Band
    West Side Story - Buddy Rich Big Band
    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (live) - Buddy Rich Big Band
    Dancing Men (Live) - Buddy Rich and His Orchestra
    Chameleon - Maynard Ferguson
    Give It One - Maynard Ferguson
    Country Road - Maynard Ferguson
    Fireshaker - Maynard Ferguson
    Fire And Rain - Maynard Ferguson
    15 Miles To Provo - Dreams
    15 Miles To Provo - Dreams
    Maria - Maynard Ferguson
    15 Miles To Provo - Dreams
    Calico Baby - Dreams
    Why Can't I Find A Home - Dreams
    Child Of Wisdom - Dreams
    Just Be Ourselves - Dreams
    Medicated Goo - Dreams
    Here She Comes Now - Dreams
    I Can't Hear You - Dreams
    Imagine My Surprise - Dreams
    Dawn (feat.John McLaughlin) - Mahavishnu Orchestra
    Westchester Lady - Bob James
    Restless - Bob James
    Touchdown - Bob James
    Angela (Theme From Taxi) - Bob James
    Westchester Lady - Bob James
    We're All Alone - Bob James
    We're In This Love Together - Al Jarreau
    Roof Garden - Al Jarreau
    Mornin' - Al Jarreau
    After All - Al Jarreau
    Mornin' - Al Jarreau
    Boogie Down - Al Jarreau
    Step By Step - Al Jarreau
    I Will Be Here For You - Al Jarreau
    Trouble In Paradise - Al Jarreau
    Save Me - Al Jarreau
    Love Is Waiting - Al Jarreau
    Not Like This - Al Jarreau
    Black And Blues - Al Jarreau
    Love Is Real - Al Jarreau
    Distracted - Al Jarreau
    Spain (I Can Recall) - Al Jarreau
    Letter Perfect - Al Jarreau
    Rainbow In Your Eyes - Al Jarreau
    Your Sweet Love - Al Jarreau
    One Good Turn - Al Jarreau
    Burst In With The Dawn - Al Jarreau
    Better Than Anything - Al Jarreau
    So Long Girl - Al Jarreau
    Look To The Rainbow - Al Jarreau
    You Don't See Me - Al Jarreau
    Loving You - Al Jarreau
    We Got By - Al Jarreau
    Keep The Customer Satisfied - 2001 Digital Remaster - Buddy Rich
    Machine - Buddy Rich
    Willowcrest - Buddy Rich
    Big Swing Face - Buddy Rich
    Groovin' Hard - Live - Buddy Rich
    Ya Gotta Try - Buddy Rich
    Channel One Suite - Buddy Rich
    Goodbye Yesterday - Buddy Rich
    Rotten Kid - Buddy Rich
    Readymix - Buddy Rich
    Best Coast - Buddy Rich
    Basically Blues - Buddy Rich
    Tales of Rhoda Rat - Buddy Rich
    Paul's Tune - Buddy Rich
    Straight No Chaser - Buddy Rich
    Time Check - Buddy Rich Big Band
    Sassy Strut - Buddy Rich
    The Juicer Is Wild (Live) - Buddy Rich
    Ground Hog - Duke Pearson
    Straight Up And Down - Duke Pearson
    New Time Shuffle - Duke Pearson
    New Girl - Duke Pearson
    Minor League - Duke Pearson
    A Taste Of Honey - Duke Pearson
    Make It Good - Duke Pearson
    Po-Jama People - Frank Zappa
    For The Love Of Money - Thad Jones & Mel Lewis
    Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes
    Jamming - Candy Dulfer
    Sausalito - George Duke
    T-Jam - George Duke
    Ain't It Funky Now - George Duke
    Reach Out - George Duke
    She's Leaving Home - McCoy Tyner
    Just Feelin' - McCoy Tyner
    I Didn't Know What Time It Was - McCoy Tyner
    Blues for Basie - McCoy Tyner
    Berliner - McCoy Tyner
    There Is No Greater Love - McCoy Tyner
    You Don't Know What Love Is - McCoy Tyner
    Carmel - Joe Sample
    A Rainy Day In Monterey - Joe Sample
    Manha de Carnaval - McCoy Tyner
    Street Life - Joe Sample
    Time of the Season - The Zombies
    Ashes to Ashes - Joe Sample
    Life's Been Good - Joe Walsh
    Funk #49 - Joe Walsh
    Sailing - Christopher Cross
    Ride Like the Wind - Christopher Cross
    Arthur's Theme - Christopher Cross
    Rise - Herb Alpert
    A Taste Of Honey - Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
    Grazing In The Grass - Hugh Masekela
    Felicidade - Hugh Masekela
    Along Comes Mary - Hugh Masekela
    It's not Unusual - Hugh Masekela
    California Dreamin' - Hugh Masekela
    Loving You Is Sweeter than Ever - Hugh Masekela
    Sounds Of Silence - Hugh Masekela
    Norwegian Wood - Hugh Masekela
    She's Comin' My Way - Hugh Masekela
    If I Needed Someone - Hugh Masekela
    From Me To You - Hugh Masekela
    Little Star - Hugh Masekela
    Actin' Like a Fool - Hugh Masekela
    Elusive Butterfly - Hugh Masekela
    Felicidade - Hugh Masekela
    Ha Lese Le Di Khanna - Hugh Masekela
    Funkin' Like My Father - Brian Culbertson
    Take It Up - Brian Culbertson
    City Lights Outro (Live) - Brian Culbertson
    One Fine Morning - Lighthouse
    China Grove (Live) - The Doobie Brothers
    tourist in paradise - Rippingtons
    She Likes To Watch - Rippingtons
    Takin' It To The Streets - Live - The Doobie Brothers
    Morocco - Rippingtons
    Caribbean Breeze - Rippingtons
    Snowbound - Rippingtons
    Kilimanjaro - Rippingtons
    Club Paradiso - Rippingtons
    Spanish Girl - Rippingtons
    Black Diamond - Rippingtons
    Miles Away - Rippingtons
    Paris Groove - Rippingtons
    Weekend in Monaco - Rippingtons
    Northern Lights - Rippingtons
    A Kiss Under The Moonlight - Rippingtons
    Curves Ahead - Rippingtons
    Aspen - Rippingtons
    St. Tropez - Rippingtons
    Eternity - Rippingtons
    Moonlighting - Rippingtons
    Deep Powder - Rippingtons
    American Panorama - Rippingtons
    Twenty - Rippingtons
    Angela - Rippingtons
    Let It Ripp - Rippingtons
    Oceansong - Rippingtons
    Be Cool - Rippingtons
    Jewel Thieves - Rippingtons
    Wild Card - Rippingtons
    Cruisin' Down Ocean Drive - Rippingtons
    North Star - Rippingtons
    Open All Night - Rippingtons
    Paradise - Rippingtons
    Destiny - Rippingtons
    Soul Seeker - Rippingtons
    Stingray - Rippingtons
    Riviera Jam - Rippingtons
    Rainbow - Rippingtons
    High Life - Rippingtons
    Carribean Breeze - Rippingtons
    Get Over It - Rippingtons
    Six Four - Rippingtons
    Los Cabos! - Rippingtons
    Road Warriors - Rippingtons
    Firefly - Rippingtons
    The Best Is Yet To Come - Rippingtons
    Journey's End - Rippingtons
    Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now - Rippingtons
    A 20th Anniversary Bonus - Rippingtons
    Fire - Rippingtons
    Weekend In Monaco (Live) - Rippingtons
    Tourist In Paradise (Live) - Rippingtons
    Curves Ahead (feat. Russ Freeman) - Rippingtons
    Hideaway - Live - Rippingtons
    She Likes To Watch - Live - Rippingtons
    Kirk Whallum - Fragile - Stanley Clarke
    Groverworked & Underpaid - Kirk Whalum
    Get It On - Bill Chase
    Handbags and Gladrags - Bill Chase
    Open Up Wide - Bill Chase
    Bochawa - Bill Chase
    Garden of Babylon (1997 Best Of The Rippingtons Version) - Rippingtons
    So Many People - Bill Chase
    Love Is On The Way - Bill Chase
    Close Up Tight - Bill Chase
    Run Back to Mama - Bill Chase
    Give It All You Got - Chuck Mangione
    Hill Where The Lord Hides - Chuck Mangione
    Hide & Seek (Ready Or Not Here I Come) - Chuck Mangione
    Look to the Children - Chuck Mangione
    Little Sunflower - Chuck Mangione
    Chuck Mangione - Children Of Sanchez - Chuck Mangione
    Legend of The One-Eyed Sailor (live) - Chuck Mangione
    Loran's Dance - Idris Muhammad
    Piece Of Mind - Idris Muhammad
    Brite 'n sunny babe - Al Jarreau
    Marty's Party - Rick Braun
    Casino 99 - Casino 99
    Get Up And Dance - Rick Braun
    Sao Paulo - Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
    What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? - Rick Braun
    Silk - Rick Braun
    RSVP - Rick Braun
    Ghetto Jam - Rick Braun
    Puerto Allegre Jam - Rick Braun
    I Got Your Back - Rick Braun
    Easy Does It - Oli Silk
    Chill or Be Chilled - Oli Silk
    Lazy Sunday Groove - Oli Silk
    Solarity - Oli Silk
    Latin Haze - Oli Silk
    People Make The World Go Round feat. Marion Meadows - Bob Baldwin
    Fighter - Christina Aguilera
    Povo - Freddie Hubbard
    By The Fireplace - Brian Bromberg
    Cold Duck Time - Brian Bromberg
    Song for Kg - The JT Project
    By The Fireplace - Brian Bromberg
    Song for Kg - The JT Project
    Another Chance - The JT Project
    Lifelong Journey - The JT Project
    Through the Fire - The JT Project
    Daddy / Miss You - The JT Project
    Good Ole' Jim feat. S.O.A.R. - The JT Project
    SEGUE - The JT Project
    Windows - The JT Project
    Louisa - The JT Project
    Overdrive - The JT Project
    Give Me the Heat - The JT Project
    Talk About It - The JT Project
    Don't Blink - The JT Project
    Backyard Brew - The JT Project
    Ain't Nobody - Jeff Lorber
    By My Side - Jeff Lorber
    By My Side - Jeff Lorber
    By My Side - Jeff Lorber
    Tune 88 - Jeff Lorber
    Burn Brightly - Jeff Lorber
    It's All Good - Brian Simpson
    Saturday Cool - Brian Simpson
    Waiting - Brian Simpson
    Waiting - Brian Simpson
    Waiting - Brian Simpson
    Can't Tell You Why - Brian Simpson
    I Remember When - Brian Simpson
    From The Hip - Brian Simpson
    Blues For Scott - Brian Simpson
    Backyard Brew - The JT Project
    Jetsetter - The JT Project
    Coupe De Ville - Brian Bromberg
    Coupe DeVille - Brian Bromberg
    Drops of Jupiter - Train
    Your Song - Elton John
    Matinee Idol - Yellowjackets
    Revelation - Yellowjackets
    Geraldine - Yellowjackets
    Les is Mo - Yellowjackets
    Lifted - Cindy Bradley
    Flower Child - Eric Marienthal
    Sport Coat Makes Good - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Pasadena City - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Citizenship - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Pasadena City - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Sport Coat Makes Good - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Let It Be - The Beatles
    Land Of Make Believe - Chuck Mangione
    Two Of A Kind - Michael Lington
    Pacifica - Michael Lington
    Don't Go - Michael Lington
    Off The Hook - Michael Lington
    Ocean Drive - Michael Lington
    Ladyland - Michael Lington
    Movin On - Michael Lington
    Taking Off - Michael Lington
    Roadtrip - Michael Lington
    Our Thing - Jazz Funk Soul
    Speed of Light - Jazz Funk Soul
    D.C. - Jazz Funk Soul
    Crusher - Jazz Funk Soul
    Prototype - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Vienna - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Easy - Al Jarreau
    Fencewalk - Mandrill, Greg Mathieson, Alfred Brown, Carlos Wilson, Claude 'Coffee' Cave, Louis Wilson, Ric Wilson, Fudgie Kae, Omar Mesa, Charles Padro
    Everybody Have Fun Tonight - Wang Chung
    The Groove - Rodney Franklin
    Happy - Pharrell Williams
    Groverworked & Underpaid - Kirk Whalum
    Cloudburst - Pointer Sisters
    Birdland - The Manhattan Transfer
    Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer
    Birdland - The Manhattan Transfer
    Happy - Pharrell Williams