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  • industrial groove

  • Piggy - Nine Inch Nails
    March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails
    Deep - Nine Inch Nails
    Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
    Closer - Nine Inch Nails
    Only - Nine Inch Nails
    Terrible Lie - Nine Inch Nails
    Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
    Discipline - Nine Inch Nails
    Blue Monday - Orgy
    Beautiful Disgrace - Orgy
    Vague - Orgy
    Ashamed - Orgy
    The Obvious - Orgy
    Leave Me Out - Orgy
    Pure - Orgy
    Make Up Your Mind - Orgy
    Inside My Head - Orgy
    Can't Take This - Orgy
    Generation Plastic - Dope Stars Inc.
    Make a Star - Dope Stars Inc.
    Bang Your Head - Dope Stars Inc.
    Every Day Is Exactly the Same - Nine Inch Nails
    The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails
    Can You Imagine - Dope Stars Inc.
    Infection 13 - Dope Stars Inc.
    Beatcrusher - Dope Stars Inc.
    Lost - Dope Stars Inc.
    Vyperpunk - Dope Stars Inc.
    Self Destructive Corp. - Dope Stars Inc.
    Just The Same For You - Dope Stars Inc.
    Assassinate Me - Jesus On Extasy
    Stay With Me - Jesus On Extasy
    Beloved Enemy - Jesus On Extasy
    Nuclear Bitch - Jesus On Extasy
    Alone - Jesus On Extasy
    Holy Beauty - Jesus On Extasy
    Direct Injection - Jesus On Extasy
    Change The World - Jesus On Extasy
    Neochrome - Jesus On Extasy
    Drowning - Jesus On Extasy
    Beloved Enemy (feat. ASP) (Bebop Enemy Mix) - Jesus On Extasy
    Curse. Forgive. Kill. Cure. - Freakangel
    It's Not a Love Song - Freakangel
    Another - Sleetgrout
    Dance like Joke - Sleetgrout
    Rotten Reverie - Sleetgrout
    Get Rid of This Life - Sleetgrout
    We had a carnival - Sleetgrout
    Bog - Sleetgrout
    Touch Myself (Dave Ogilvie & Scott Humphrey mix) - Genitorturers
    Sin City (KMFDM remix) - Genitorturers
    Stitch in Time (Dave Ogilvie & Scott Humphrey mix) - Genitorturers
    Lecher Bitch - Genitorturers
    Feel me twice - Sleetgrout
    One Who Feeds (Dave Ogilvie remix) - Genitorturers
    W.E. - Sleetgrout
    4 Walls Black (Razed in Black remix) - Genitorturers
    Asphyxiate (Interface remix) - Genitorturers
    Sin City - Genitorturers
    Sleep My Angel - Sleetgrout
    Trick or Threat - Sleetgrout
    Electrolicious - Pzychobitch
    Strom aus Fantasie - Pzychobitch
    Go Pussy Go - Pzychobitch
    Maschinerie - Pzychobitch
    Cold Comfort - Pzychobitch
    Sweet Kiss - Pzychobitch
    Eyes Off! - Pzychobitch
    Breakdown - Pzychobitch
    Whisper - Pzychobitch
    The Day After - Pzychobitch
    Go Pussy Go - Pzychobitch
    The Collapse - Flesh Field
    Uprising - Flesh Field
    Beneath Contempt - Flesh Field
    This Broken Dream - Flesh Field
    Voice of Dissent - Flesh Field
    Procession (Dave Ogilvie mix) - Genitorturers
    Recoil - Flesh Field
    Epiphany - Flesh Field
    The Bells - I:Scintilla
    Havestar - I:Scintilla
    Scin - I:Scintilla
    Cursive Eve - I:Scintilla
    Translate - I:Scintilla
    Havestar (Combichrist Mix) - I:Scintilla
    Amoeba - Flesh Field
    Salt of Stones - I:Scintilla
    Reflect the Enemy - Flesh Field
    Toy Soldier - I:Scintilla
    Taken - I:Scintilla
    Machine Vision - I:Scintilla
    E-Race Generation - Helalyn Flowers
    Eye for a Day - Helalyn Flowers
    Voices - Helalyn Flowers
    Dgtal blood - Helalyn Flowers
    Haven - Flesh Field
    Silent Conversation - Helalyn Flowers
    My Girlfriend Insanity - Helalyn Flowers
    Alienate Me - Helalyn Flowers
    Alice in My Chamber - Helalyn Flowers
    Unreal - Helalyn Flowers
    A Sweet and Deep Bomb in My Heart - Helalyn Flowers
    Acid Love Code - Helalyn Flowers
    Disorder - Helalyn Flowers
    Alienate Me - Helalyn Flowers
    Alive - Helalyn Flowers
    Amnesia - Helalyn Flowers
    Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage - Exodus