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  • Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - Incognito
    Still A Friend Of Mine - Incognito
    Deep Waters - Incognito
    Colibri - Incognito
    Always There - Incognito
    Listen to the Music - Incognito
    Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Incognito
    Smiling Faces - Incognito
    Positivity - Incognito
    Don't Turn My Love Away - Incognito
    I Hear Your Name - Incognito
    Everyday - Incognito
    Sunburn - Incognito
    Parisienne Girl - Incognito
    A Shade Of Blue - Incognito
    Where Do We Go From Here - Incognito
    Givin' It Up - Incognito
    Roots (Back To A Way Of Life) - Incognito
    Shine On - Incognito
    We Got Music - Incognito
    Good Love - Incognito
    Spellbound And Speechless - Incognito
    Summer's Ended - Incognito
    Do Right - Incognito
    Change - Incognito
    Get Into My Groove - Incognito
    Keep The Fires Burning - Incognito
    This Thing Called Love - Incognito
    Can't Get You Out of My Head - Incognito
    Raise - Incognito
    Everything Your Heart Desires - Incognito
    Talkin' Loud - Incognito
    Nights Over Egypt - Incognito
    The Principles Of Love - Incognito
    One Hundred And Rising - Incognito
    Barumba - Incognito
    Marrakech - Incognito
    When The Sun Comes Down - Incognito
    True To Myself - Incognito
    I've Been Waiting - Incognito
    Closer To The Feeling - Incognito
    Close My Eyes - Incognito
    Where Did We Go Wrong - Incognito
    I Love What You Do For Me - Incognito
    Incognito - Incognito
    Out Of The Storm - Incognito
    The 25th Chapter - Incognito
    Pieces Of A Dream - Incognito
    Wild And Peaceful - Incognito
    Wake Up The City - Incognito
    Brother Sister - The Brand New Heavies
    Dream On Dreamer - The Brand New Heavies
    Have A Good Time - The Brand New Heavies
    Dream Come True - The Brand New Heavies
    Back To Love - The Brand New Heavies
    Sometimes - The Brand New Heavies
    Stay This Way - The Brand New Heavies
    You Are The Universe - The Brand New Heavies
    3 Mile Island - The James Taylor Quartet
    Blow Up - The James Taylor Quartet
    Check It Out - The James Taylor Quartet
    It's Your World - The James Taylor Quartet
    Midnight At The Oasis - The Brand New Heavies
    In The Hand Of The Inevitable - The James Taylor Quartet
    Never Stop - The Brand New Heavies
    Love Will Keep Us Together - The James Taylor Quartet
    Haitian Breakdown - The James Taylor Quartet
    Mission Impossible - The James Taylor Quartet
    Back In Business - Down To The Bone
    Mrs. Robinson - The James Taylor Quartet
    Carlito's Way - Down To The Bone
    Electra Glide - Down To The Bone
    Joy Is A Good Groove - Down To The Bone
    L.A. Shakedown - Down To The Bone
    Long Way From Brooklyn - Down To The Bone
    Staten Island Groove - Down To The Bone
    Supercharged - Down To The Bone
    The Zodiac - Down To The Bone
    Jus' Reach - Galliano
    Long Time Gone - Galliano
    Prince Of Peace - Galliano
    Rise And Fall - Galliano
    Cellar Funk - Down To The Bone
    Skunk Funk - Galliano
    So Much Confusion - Galliano
    Slack Hands - Galliano
    Stoned Again - Galliano
    Totally Together - Galliano
    Crisis - Groove Collective
    Deal With It - Groove Collective
    Drunken Master - Groove Collective
    Earth To Earth - Groove Collective
    Welcome To The Story - Galliano
    Stepping Into My Life - The James Taylor Quartet
    End Transmission - Groove Collective
    Everything Is Changing - Groove Collective
    Hey - Groove Collective
    St. Gallen - Groove Collective
    E-Type - Corduroy
    Up All Night - Groove Collective
    Harry Palmer - Corduroy
    Lift Off - Groove Collective
    Electric Soup - Corduroy
    How to Steal the World - Corduroy
    Long Cool & Bubbly - Corduroy
    Mini - Corduroy
    Motorhead - Corduroy
    Money Is - Corduroy
    Skirt alert - Corduroy
    Something in My Eye - Corduroy
    Illusions - Mother Earth
    Apple Green - Mother Earth
    Institution Man - Mother Earth
    Jesse - Mother Earth
    Look To The Light - Mother Earth
    Mister Freedom - Mother Earth
    Saturation 70 - Mother Earth
    Stardust Bubblegum - Mother Earth
    Time Of The Future - Mother Earth
    A Brighter Day - Ronny Jordan
    The People Tree - Mother Earth
    After Hours (The Antidote) - Ronny Jordan
    In Full Swing - Ronny Jordan
    Keep Your Head Up - Ronny Jordan
    London Lowdown - Ronny Jordan
    No Time To Play - Ronny Jordan
    So What - Ronny Jordan
    So What! - Ronny Jordan
    All Time High - Count Basic
    Anicca - Count Basic
    Gotta Jazz - Count Basic
    The Morning After - Ronny Jordan
    Is It Real - Count Basic
    Hide & Seek - Count Basic
    Jazz In The House - Count Basic
    The Jackal - Ronny Jordan
    Joy and Pain - Count Basic
    M.L. In The Sunshine - Count Basic
    Speechless - Count Basic
    Strange Life - Count Basic
    The Creator has a Master Plan - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    Mambo Con Dancehall - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    A Headnaddas Journey To The Planet Adidi-Skizm - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    I Got Cash - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    Dilly Dally - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    Take the L Train (to Brooklyn) - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    The Revolution Was Postponed Because Of Rain - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    Bop Hop - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    Make Them Like It - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    Istanbul Twilight - Brooklyn Funk Essentials
    Baby God - Jhelisa
    Death Of A Soul Diva - Jhelisa
    Freedom From Pity - Jhelisa
    Friendly Pressure - Jhelisa
    Friendly Pressure (Radio Edit) - Jhelisa
    Galactica Rush - Jhelisa
    Hold My Peace - Jhelisa
    There's Nothing Wrong - Jhelisa
    Walking On Air - Jhelisa
    Whirl Keeps Turning - Jhelisa
    Say It Again - Jestofunk
    Fluid - Jestofunk
    Can We Live - Jestofunk
    Special Love - Jestofunk
    The Ghetto - Jestofunk
    For Your Precious Love - Jestofunk
    Intro - Jestofunk
    Find Your State of Mind - Jestofunk
    All I Have (In Dub) - Young Disciples
    I'm Gonna Love You - Jestofunk
    Apparently Nothin' (Soul River) - Young Disciples
    Straight to You - Jestofunk
    apparently nothin' - soul river - Young Disciples
    Apparently Nothin' - Young Disciples
    Step Right On (Dub) - Young Disciples
    Get Yourself Together Pt 1 & Pt 2 - Young Disciples
    Move On - Young Disciples
    Dark Is The Night - Shakatak
    Down On The Street - Shakatak
    Easier Said Than Done - Shakatak
    Invitations - Shakatak
    Lose Myself - Shakatak
    Young Disciples Theme - Young Disciples
    As We Come (To Be) - Young Disciples
    Night Birds - Shakatak
    Rio Nights - Shakatak
    Streetwalkin' - Shakatak
    Sunshine - Shakatak
    Watching You - Shakatak
    Brazilian Love Affair - George Duke
    Reach for It - George Duke
    Reach Out - George Duke
    Shine On - George Duke
    Sausalito - George Duke
    Summer Breezin' - George Duke
    Sugar Loaf Mountain - George Duke
    I Love You More - George Duke
    You Used To Hold Me So Tight - Reel People
    Amazing - Reel People
    Someday - George Duke
    Outta Love (feat Omar) - Reel People
    Sure (feat. Darien) - Reel People
    Tomorrow Never Comes - Reel People
    Alibi - Reel People
    Butterflies - Reel People
    Spiritual - Reel People
    Outta Love featuring Omar - Reel People
    Dukey Stick - George Duke
    OUTTA LOVE - Reel People
    Cosmic Girl - Jamiroquai
    Seven Days in Sunny June - Jamiroquai
    Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
    Little L - Jamiroquai
    Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai
    Alright - Jamiroquai
    Corner of the Earth - Jamiroquai
    Deeper Underground - Jamiroquai
    I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun - Nuyorican Soul
    Love Foolosophy - Jamiroquai
    MAW Latin Blues - Nuyorican Soul
    Runaway - Nuyorican Soul
    Sweet Tears - Nuyorican Soul
    Nautilus (MAWtilus) - Nuyorican Soul
    Nuyorican Soul Intro - Nuyorican Soul
    Gotta New Life - Nuyorican Soul
    Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai
    Roy's Scat - Nuyorican Soul
    Shoshana - Nuyorican Soul
    Life On Mars - Dexter Wansel
    Jazzy Jeff's Theme - Nuyorican Soul
    Theme From The Planets - Dexter Wansel
    Rings Of Saturn - Dexter Wansel
    I'll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco) - Dexter Wansel
    The Sweetest Pain - Dexter Wansel
    I'll Never Forget - Dexter Wansel
    A Prophet Named K.G. - Dexter Wansel
    One Million Miles From The Ground - Dexter Wansel
    Behind the Shadow - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Between The Lights - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Deep In Your Mind - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Eclipse - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Mind Expansions - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Stargazer - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Shine - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Substream - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    The Brightness of These Days - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    The Dawn Introduction - Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Maybe I'm Amazed - Carleen Anderson
    True Spirit - Carleen Anderson
    Mama Said - Carleen Anderson
    You Can Be What You Wanna Be - Dexter Wansel
    Nervous Breakdown - Carleen Anderson
    Gotta Believe in the Future - Carleen Anderson
    Let It Last - Carleen Anderson
    My Door Is Open - Carleen Anderson
    Be Here Now - United Future Organization
    True Spirit (Domino Mix) - Carleen Anderson
    Cosmic Gypsy - United Future Organization
    Fool's Paradise - United Future Organization
    Redemption - Carleen Anderson
    Good Luck Shore - United Future Organization
    His Name Is... - United Future Organization
    Stargazer - Dexter Wansel
    Tres Amigos - United Future Organization
    The Planet Plan - United Future Organization
    Upa Neguinho - United Future Organization
    Place in Between - Jazzanova
    Fedime's Flight - Jazzanova
    Another New Day - Jazzanova
    Vinyl Junkie - United Future Organization
    My Foolish Dream - United Future Organization
    Bohemian Sunset - Jazzanova
    Cyclic - Jazzanova
    Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) - Jazzanova
    Fade Out - Jazzanova
    Sub-Atlantic - Jazzanova
    Glow and Glare - Jazzanova
    No Use - Jazzanova
    Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) - Us3
    Cruisin' - Us3
    Eleven Long Years - Us3
    I Go To Work - Us3
    I Got It Goin' On - Us3
    Just Another Brother - Us3
    The Darkside - Us3
    Tukka Yoot's Riddim - Us3
    Ain't No Sunshine - Al Jarreau
    Lean On Me - Al Jarreau
    Your Song - Al Jarreau
    Just To Be Loved - Al Jarreau
    Lazy Day - Us3
    Easy - Al Jarreau
    Boogie Down - Al Jarreau
    Roof Garden - Al Jarreau
    Cold Duck - Al Jarreau
    We're In This Love Together - Al Jarreau
    Mornin' - Al Jarreau
    Madrid Boogie - Venueconnection
    Lo Siento - Venueconnection
    Not In Luck - Venueconnection
    Art Of Disappearing - Venueconnection
    Cool Vanilla - Venueconnection
    Stay At Home - Venueconnection
    Goodbye 13Th Century - Venueconnection
    Is It Right - Venueconnection
    BLZ (Bob Sinclar remix) - Mondo Grosso
    Butterfly - Mondo Grosso
    Cenario - Mondo Grosso
    Everything Needs Love - Mondo Grosso
    Into the Wind - Mondo Grosso
    Life (Vida Soalheira) - Mondo Grosso
    Stand up - Venueconnection
    Now You Know Better - Mondo Grosso
    Samba Do Gato - Mondo Grosso
    MG2SS - Mondo Grosso
    Show Me Your Love - Mondo Grosso
    Haven't You Heard - Patrice Rushen
    Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
    It's Like That - Us3
    Hang It Up - Patrice Rushen
    Message In The Music - Patrice Rushen
    Where There Is Love - Patrice Rushen
    Remind Me - Patrice Rushen
    Forget Me Nots - 12' Version - Patrice Rushen
    Settle for My Love - Patrice Rushen
    Diggin' On James Brown - Tower of Power
    I Like Your Style - Tower of Power
    So I Got To Groove - Tower of Power
    So Very Hard To Go - Tower of Power
    Music Of The Earth - Patrice Rushen
    Soul With A Capital 'S' - Tower of Power
    Souled Out - Tower of Power
    Soul Vaccination - Tower of Power
    What Is Hip? - Tower of Power
    Fall in Love - Tortured Soul
    Don't Hold Me Down - Tortured Soul
    You Got to Funkifize - Tower of Power
    Enjoy It Now - Tortured Soul
    Why - Tortured Soul
    You're Still a Young Man - Tower of Power
    Your Dream Is My Dream - Tortured Soul
    Love Everlasting - Tortured Soul
    Epic - Tortured Soul
    Home To You - Tortured Soul
    I Might Do Something Wrong - Tortured Soul
    Did You Miss Me - Tortured Soul
    Hypnotic Love - Maysa
    Wishing On A Star - Maysa
    Ne me quitte pas - Maysa
    Ouça - Maysa
    Never Really Ever - Maysa
    Grateful - Maysa
    Any Love - Maysa
    Dindi - Maysa
    Meu Mundo Caiu - Maysa
    O Barquinho - Maysa
    Nightfall - Mezzoforte
    Drive - Mezzoforte
    Blow - Mezzoforte
    The Squid - Mezzoforte
    Tribute - Mezzoforte
    Early autumn - Mezzoforte
    Hard Wired - Mezzoforte
    I Was Tired Of Being Alone - Patrice Rushen
    Fantasy - Johnny Hammond
    Monkey Fields - Mezzoforte
    It's Too Late - Johnny Hammond
    Funeral for a Mouse - Mezzoforte
    Workin' On A Groovy Thing - Johnny Hammond
    Shifting Gears - Johnny Hammond
    Garden Party - Mezzoforte
    Rock Steady - Johnny Hammond
    Tell Me What to Do - Johnny Hammond
    Never Can Say Goodbye - Johnny Hammond
    Astralisation - Snowboy
    Breakout - Johnny Hammond
    Jazzakuti - Snowboy
    24 For Betty Page - Snowboy
    Girl Overboard - Snowboy
    Lucky Fellow (feat. Noel McKoy) - Snowboy
    Girl Overboard (feat. Anna Ross) - Snowboy
    can't we smile - Johnny Hammond
    Funky Djembe - Snowboy
    I Am The Man - Snowboy
    Blues Selah - Johnny Hammond
    Morning - Azymuth
    Dear Limmertz - Azymuth
    Mimosa - Azymuth
    Where Is The Love? (Reprise) - Snowboy
    Linha do Horizonte - Azymuth
    Pieces of Ipanema (Mark Pritchard Remix) - Azymuth
    Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova Remix) - Azymuth
    Roda Piao - Azymuth
    Jazz Carnival - Azymuth
    Partido Alto - Azymuth
    Georgia on My Mind - Maceo Parker
    Children's World - Maceo Parker
    I Got You (I Feel Good) - Maceo Parker
    Let's Get It On - Maceo Parker
    Off the Hook - Maceo Parker
    Pass the Peas - Maceo Parker
    Rabbits In The Pea Patch - Maceo Parker
    Shake Everything You've Got - Maceo Parker
    Sing a Simple Song - Maceo Parker
    Avenida Das Mangueiras - Azymuth
    Uptown Up - Maceo Parker
    Aragon - Roy Ayers
    Don't Stop The Feeling - Roy Ayers
    Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers
    Funk in the Hole - Roy Ayers
    Love Will Bring Us Back Together - Roy Ayers
    Love Will Bring Us Back Together Again - Roy Ayers
    Mystic Voyage - Roy Ayers
    Running Away - Roy Ayers
    Night Rhythms - Lee Ritenour
    The Memory - Roy Ayers
    A Little Bumpin' - Lee Ritenour
    Captain Fingers - Lee Ritenour
    A Day In The Life - Lee Ritenour
    Morning Glory - Lee Ritenour
    Wes Bound - Lee Ritenour
    Isn't She Lovely - Lee Ritenour
    4 On 6 - Lee Ritenour
    Searching - Roy Ayers
    Boss City - Lee Ritenour
    Big Time - Freakpower
    Freak of Da Week - Freakpower
    Freak Power - Freakpower
    Change My Mind - Freakpower
    Moonbeam Woman - Freakpower
    Let It Go - Freakpower
    Running Away - Freakpower
    Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out - Freakpower
    Trip Through Your Mind - Freakpower
    After the Love Has Gone - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Waiting For the Story to End - Freakpower
    Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Got to Get You into My Life - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Fantasy - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire
    September - Earth, Wind & Fire
    There's Nothing Like This - Omar
    That's the Way of the World - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Feeling You (Henrik Schwarz Remix) - Omar
    Sing a Song - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Tell Me - Omar
    Never Let Go - Omar
    It's So... - Omar
    Kiss It Right - Omar
    Ghana Emotion - Omar
    Lift Off - Omar
    Passage Into Midnight - Omar
    Breezin' - George Benson
    The Man - Omar
    Give Me the Night - George Benson
    Love X Love - George Benson
    Rio Funk - Lee Ritenour
    Never Give Up On A Good Thing - George Benson
    On Broadway - George Benson
    Summertime - George Benson
    The Ghetto - George Benson
    Take Five - George Benson
    Turn Your Love Around - George Benson
    Rush Over - Marcus Miller
    Higher Ground - Marcus Miller
    Power - Marcus Miller
    When I Fall In Love - Marcus Miller
    Strum - Marcus Miller
    Strange Fruit - Marcus Miller
    Jean Pierre - Marcus Miller
    Panther - Marcus Miller
    Funk Joint - Marcus Miller
    A Love of Your Own - Average White Band
    Cut the Cake - Average White Band
    Let's Go Round Again - Average White Band
    Got the Love - Average White Band
    Person to Person - Average White Band
    This Masquerade - George Benson
    Pick Up the Pieces - Average White Band
    Queen Of My Soul - Average White Band
    Work To Do - Average White Band
    Blast - Marcus Miller
    School Boy Crush - Average White Band
    Les Fleur - 4hero
    Conceptions - 4hero
    Morning Child - 4hero
    Sophia - 4hero
    Star Chasers - 4hero
    Spirits In Transit - 4hero
    Escape That - 4hero
    Hold It Down - 4hero
    Look Inside - 4hero
    A Calmaria (Sailing Into The Unknown Version) - Monday満ちる
    Golden Age Of Life - 4hero
    How Deep is Your Love - Monday満ちる
    Look Into The Past - Monday満ちる
    Chances - Monday満ちる
    Zurich Samba - Monday満ちる
    You Got It - Average White Band
    The Right Time (Jephte's King Street Vokal) - Monday満ちる
    Play It By Ear - Monday満ちる
    Thinking of You - Monday満ちる
    Angel In Paris - Jeff Lorber
    Ain't Nobody - Jeff Lorber
    Anthem For A New America - Jeff Lorber
    Chopsticks - Jeff Lorber
    Down Low - Jeff Lorber
    By My Side - Jeff Lorber
    He Had A Hat - Jeff Lorber
    Gigabyte - Jeff Lorber
    Say Love - Jeff Lorber
    Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan
    Tune 88 - Jeff Lorber
    Fate - Chaka Khan
    Clouds - Chaka Khan
    I Feel For You - Chaka Khan
    I'm Every Woman - Chaka Khan
    Love Me Still - Chaka Khan
    Papillon (Aka Hot Butterfly) - Chaka Khan
    Angel - Chaka Khan
    Through the Fire - Chaka Khan
    This Is What You Are - Mario Biondi
    No mercy for me - Mario Biondi
    What Cha' Gonna Do For Me - Chaka Khan
    A handful of Soul - Mario Biondi
    Rio de Janeiro blue - Mario Biondi
    Never die - Mario Biondi
    Slow hot wind - Mario Biondi
    Shine On - Mario Biondi
    Gig - Mario Biondi
    A child runs free - Mario Biondi
    I Cry (Original Mix) With Mandel Turner - Llorca
    Any How - Llorca
    Lalo Caught Me Dancin' - Llorca
    Lemonade - Llorca
    Indigo Blues - Llorca
    Indigo Blues With Nicole Graham - Llorca
    Lights Behind Windows - Llorca
    The End - Llorca
    The Novel Sound - Llorca
    No trouble on the mountain - Mario Biondi
    True To Me With Lady Bird - Llorca
    You Make Me - Monday満ちる