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  • Voices - Randy Orton
    My Time Is Now - John Cena
    Daniel Bryan Theme - WWE
    Retaliation (Dean Ambrose) - WWE
    The Truth Reigns - Roman Reigns
    WWE RAW Theme - WWE
    SmackDown! - WWE
    Brock Lesnar Theme - WWF Brock Lesnar
    Ryback Theme [Meat On The Table/Feed Me More] - WWE
    WWE - The Rock Theme - WWE
    Sting Theme - WWE
    The Miz's Entrance Theme 'I Came To Play' - Downstait
    Dolph Ziggler Theme - WWE
    WWE: The Second Coming (Seth Rollins) - CFO$
    The Game - Triple HHH - Motörhead
    Shawn Michaels/HBK - WWE
    Motorhead - King of Kings (WWE - New HHH Theme) - WWE
    Live In Fear (Bray Wyatt) - WWE
    WWE: Rest In Peace (Undertaker) - Jim Johnston
    WWE - Undertaker 20th (Rollin) - WWE