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  • Classic Combo

  • La Campanella - David Garrett
    Out Of The Fire - Audio Adrenaline
    Violin Sonata - David Garrett
    Intro (Black Violin) - Black Violin
    Speak To Me - Audio Adrenaline
    Move - Audio Adrenaline
    Outro (Black Violin) - Black Violin
    Some Kind Of Zombie - Audio Adrenaline
    Violin Duet - Black Ox Orkestar
    Violin Sonata 'Devil's Trill'' - David Garrett
    Opus - Black Violin
    Starting Over - Audio Adrenaline
    Violin Concerto - David Garrett
    The Mission - Black Violin
    Beautiful - Audio Adrenaline
    Virtuoso - Black Violin
    Humoresque - David Garrett
    Violin Sonata No. 5 ''Spring'' - David Garrett
    Flood - Jars Of Clay
    Miracles - Audio Adrenaline
    Liquid - Jars Of Clay
    Black Violin (Crunk Music) - Black Violin
    Tea And Sympathy - Jars Of Clay
    Fade To Grey - Jars Of Clay
    Live Like That - Sidewalk Prophets
    Rejoice - Audio Adrenaline
    24 Caprices - David Garrett
    Fly - Jars Of Clay
    Coffee Song - Jars Of Clay
    Sunny Days - Jars Of Clay
    Shipwrecked - Jars Of Clay
    Dirty - Audio Adrenaline
    Needful Hands - Jars Of Clay
    Seeker - Audio Adrenaline
    Mirrors & Smoke - Jars Of Clay
    Dead Man (Carry Me) - Jars Of Clay
    Worlds Apart - Jars Of Clay
    Dig - Jars Of Clay
    He Moves You Move - Audio Adrenaline
    Can't Erase It - Jars Of Clay
    This Is Not Goodbye - Sidewalk Prophets
    Crazy Times - Jars Of Clay
    Kings & Queens - Audio Adrenaline
    Wrecking Ball - Sidewalk Prophets
    Keep Making Me - Sidewalk Prophets
    The Words I Would Say - Sidewalk Prophets
    Just Might Change Your Life - Sidewalk Prophets
    Give It All Away - Sidewalk Prophets
    Change My Name - Audio Adrenaline
    Melody (Lost Inside The Wonder) - Audio Adrenaline
    Ocean Floor - Audio Adrenaline
    Breathe Into Me (W/ Intro) - Red
    Illuminate - The Hunts
    Tremble - Audio Adrenaline
    You - Lucas Graham
    Control - Royal Tailor
    Crazy Enough - MercyMe
    The Change Inside Of Me - MercyMe
    Goodbye Ordinary - MercyMe
    No More No Less - MercyMe
    Let You Down - NF
    Move - MercyMe
    One More Chance - Manic Bloom
    Lifting The Sea - The Hunts
    Busted Heart (Hold On To Me) - for KING & COUNTRY
    Crave - for KING & COUNTRY
    Does Anybody Hear Her - Casting Crowns
    Missing - for KING & COUNTRY
    Barlow Girl - She Walked Away - BarlowGirl
    Barlow Girl - Song For The Broken - BarlowGirl
    Black & White - Royal Tailor
    Bitter - Andy Mineo
    Running From The Scene - Manic Bloom
    What Scares You Most - Manic Bloom
    Barlow Girl - Never alone - BarlowGirl
    Hold Me Together - Royal Tailor
    Shake It Off - Royal Tailor
    Never Gonna Stop - New Hope Oahu
    Oxygen - We Are Leo
    Write Your Story - David Thulin Remix - Francesca Battistelli
    Grace Like Rain - New Hope Oahu
    Architecture - David Thulin Remix - Jonathan Thulin
    Homesick - MercyMe
    Phoenix - Unikron Remix - We Are Leo
    Beethoven - The Piano Guys
    Unbelievable - Thousand Food Krutch (TFK)
    Hit The Floor - Thousand Food Krutch (TFK)
    Courtesy Call - 1000 Food Krutch
    Bounce - Thousand Food Krutch (TFK)
    Michael Meets Mozart - The Piano Guys
    Future + Hope - New Hope Oahu