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  • Strip Mall Parking Lots (Acoustic Version) - Against Me!
    Jordan's First Choice - Against Me!
    Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious - Against Me!
    Reinventing Axl Rose - Against Me!
    Pints of Guinness Make You Strong - Against Me!
    Untitled Bonus Track - Against Me!
    Pints of Guinness Make You Strong - Against Me!
    We Laugh At Danger and Break All the Rules - Against Me!
    I Still Love You Julie - Against Me!
    Scream It Until You're Coughing Up Blood - Against Me!
    Jordan's First Choice - Against Me!
    Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious... - Against Me!
    Baby, I'm an Anarchist! - Against Me!
    Walking Is Still Honest - Against Me!
    Thrash Unreal - Against Me!
    White People for Peace - Against Me!
    Piss and Vinegar - Against Me!
    Americans Abroad - Against Me!
    Animal - Against Me!
    Miami - Against Me!
    Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners - Against Me!
    From Her Lips to God's Ears (The Energizer) - Against Me!
    Violence - Against Me!
    Holy Shit - Against Me!
    Don't Loose Touch - Against Me!
    White Crosses ((Goldentone Studio Version)) - Against Me!
    I Was A Teenage Anarchist ((Acoustic Version)) - Against Me!
    Because Of The Shame ((Acoustic Version)) - Against Me!
    High Pressure Low - Against Me!
    Rapid Decompression - Against Me!
    T.S.R. (This Shit Rules) - Against Me!
    Sink, Florida, Sink (Electric) - Against Me!
    You Look Like I Need a Drink (Acoustic Version) - Against Me!
    High Pressure Low ((Acoustic Version)) - Against Me!
    Hot Shots ((Goldentone Studio Version)) - Against Me!
    Spanish Moss ((Goldentone Studio Version)) - Against Me!
    Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me!
    True Trans Soul Rebel - Against Me!
    Drinking With the Jocks - Against Me!
    Fuckmylife666 - Against Me!
    Paralytic States - Against Me!
    Black Me Out - Against Me!
    Fast Forward to 2012 - A Day to Remember
    The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle - A Day to Remember
    Monument - A Day to Remember
    Since U Been Gone - A Day to Remember
    The Downfall of Us All - A Day to Remember
    I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of? - A Day to Remember
    If It Means a Lot to You - A Day to Remember
    All I Want - A Day to Remember
    This Is the House That Doubt Built - A Day to Remember
    2nd Sucks - A Day to Remember
    Better Off This Way - A Day to Remember
    All Signs Point to Lauderdale - A Day to Remember
    You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic - A Day to Remember
    Out of Time - A Day to Remember
    The View from the Afternoon - Arctic Monkeys
    I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys
    Fake Tales of San Fransisco - Arctic Monkeys
    Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys
    You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights but You Were Staring Straight at Me - Arctic Monkeys
    Still Take You Home - Arctic Monkeys
    Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
    When the Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys
    From the Ritz to the Rubble - Arctic Monkeys
    A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys
    Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys
    Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys
    D Is for Dangerous - Arctic Monkeys
    Balaclava - Arctic Monkeys
    Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
    Do Me a Favour - Arctic Monkeys
    This House Is a Circus - Arctic Monkeys
    The Bad Thing - Arctic Monkeys
    Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys
    505 - Arctic Monkeys
    Crying Lightning - Arctic Monkeys
    Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys
    Dance Little Liar - Arctic Monkeys
    Black Treacle - Arctic Monkeys
    Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair - Arctic Monkeys
    Reckless Serenade - Arctic Monkeys
    Love Is a Laserquest - Arctic Monkeys
    Panic - Beatsteaks
    We Have to Figure It Out Tonight - Beatsteaks
    Shut Up Stand Up - Beatsteaks
    2 O'Clock - Beatsteaks
    Mietzi's Song - Beatsteaks
    Filter - Beatsteaks
    Fake - Beatsteaks
    Kings of Metal - Beatsteaks
    Not Ready to Rock - Beatsteaks
    God Knows - Beatsteaks
    Soothe Me - Beatsteaks
    Above Us - Beatsteaks
    This One - Beatsteaks
    A-Way - Beatsteaks
    Summer - Beatsteaks
    Big Attack - Beatsteaks
    Aint Complaining - Beatsteaks
    Hello Joe - Beatsteaks
    Hand In Hand - Beatsteaks
    Whats Coming Over You - Beatsteaks
    Jane Became Insane - Beatsteaks
    Meantime - Beatsteaks
    She Was Great - Beatsteaks
    Soljanka - Beatsteaks
    Hail To The Freaks - Beatsteaks
    E-G-O - Beatsteaks
    Monster [Live - Wuhlheide/Berlin] - Beatsteaks
    Atomic Love [Live - Deutschlandhalle/Berlin] - Beatsteaks
    I Don't Care As Long As You Sing [Live - Das Fest/Karlsruhe] - Beatsteaks
    Hey Du [Live - St. Gallen Open Air/St. Gallen] - Beatsteaks
    Let Me In [Live - St. Gallen Open Air/St. Gallen] - Beatsteaks
    Big Attack [Live - MUK/Lübeck] - Beatsteaks
    Milk & Honey - Beatsteaks
    Cheap Comments - Beatsteaks
    Under A Clear Blue Sky - Beatsteaks
    Access Adrenalin - Beatsteaks
    Automatic - Beatsteaks
    Alright - Beatsteaks
    House On Fire - Beatsteaks
    saysaysay - Beatsteaks
    DNA - Beatsteaks
    Be smart and breathe - Beatsteaks
    Make A Wish - Beatsteaks
    Everything went black - Beatsteaks
    Up On the Roof - Beatsteaks
    Pass the message - Beatsteaks
    Gentleman Of The Year - Beatsteaks
    Creep magnet - Beatsteaks
    I never was - Beatsteaks
    Best Of Them All - Big D and the Kids Table
    This Is How It Goes (Album Version) - Billy Talent
    Try Honesty (Album Version) - Billy Talent
    Prisoners of Today - Billy Talent
    Nothing To Lose (Album Version) - Billy Talent
    Red Flag - Billy Talent
    This Suffering - Billy Talent
    Worker Bees - Billy Talent
    Pins and Needles - Billy Talent
    Surrender - Billy Talent
    The Navy Song - Billy Talent
    Perfect World - Billy Talent
    Weapon of Choice - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Lullaby - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Hate The Taste - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Teenage Disease - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Beat the Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Six Barrel Shotgun - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Going Under - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Requiem - BoySetsFire
    The Misery Index - BoySetsFire
    (10) And Counting - BoySetsFire
    Falling Out Theme - BoySetsFire
    Empire - BoySetsFire
    With Cold Eyes - BoySetsFire
    Deja Coup - BoySetsFire
    Social Register Fanclub - BoySetsFire
    Rookie - Boy Sets Fire
    When The Rhetoric Dies - BoySetsFire
    Still Waiting for the Punchline - BoySetsFire
    The Abominations of Those Virtuous - BoySetsFire
    My Life In The Knife Trade - Boy Sets Fire
    Across Five Years - Boy Sets Fire
    Unspoken Request - BoySetsFire
    Closure - BoySetsFire
    Heads Will Roll - BoySetsFire
    Phone Call (4 a.m.) - BoySetsFire
    Save Yourself - BoySetsFire
    Reason To Believe - BoySetsFire
    Let It Bleed - BoySetsFire
    Never Said - BoySetsFire
    Prey - BoySetsFire
    Jude Law and a Semester Abroad - Brand New
    Seventy Times 7 - Brand New
    Sic Transit Gloria ... Glory Fades - Brand New
    I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light - Brand New
    Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't - Brand New
    The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows - Brand New
    Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis - Brand New
    Guernica - Brand New
    Sowing Season (Yeah) - Brand New
    Degausser - Brand New
    Limousine - Brand New
    You Won't Know - Brand New
    Not the Sun - Brand New
    Archers - Brand New
    Bed - Brand New
    At the Bottom - Brand New
    Gasoline - Brand New
    You Stole - Brand New
    Sink - Brand New
    Bought a Bride - Brand New
    Daisy - Brand New
    In a Jar - Brand New
    Noro - Brand New
    Warte Auf Mich - Broilers
    Meine Sache - Broilers
    Vanitas - Broilers
    Ruby Light & Dark - Broilers
    Alles, Was Ich Tat - Broilers
    Punkrock Love Song - Broilers
    Heute Schon Gelebt - Broilers
    Hexenjagd - Broilers
    Weisses Licht - Broilers
    Harter Weg (Go!) - Broilers
    In Ein Paar Jahren... - Broilers
    Schwarz, Grau, Weiß - Broilers
    Verdammte Stille - Broilers
    33 rpm - Broilers
    Vom Scheitern (The World Is Yours, Nicht!) - Broilers
    Wie Weit Wir Gehen - Broilers
    Stoßen Wir An - Broilers
    Harter Weg (Go!) [Live] - Broilers
    Tanzt Du noch einmal mit mir? (Live) - Broilers
    In ein paar Jahren... (Live) - Broilers
    Heute schon gelebt (Live) - Broilers
    Anti, Anti, Anti (Live) - Broilers
    Wie weit wir gehen (Live) - Broilers
    Zusammen (Live) - Broilers
    Alles geht weiter (Live) - Broilers
    Ich sah kein Licht (Live) - Broilers
    Weißes Licht (Live) - Broilers
    (Ich bin) Bei Dir (Live) - Broilers
    Ruby Light & Dark (Live) - Broilers
    33 RPM (Live) - Broilers
    Singe, Seufze & Saufe (Live) - Broilers
    Meine Sache (Live) - Broilers
    Ist da jemand? - Broilers
    Zurück in schwarz - Broilers
    Ich Hol' Dich Da Raus - Broilers
    Nur nach vorne gehen - Broilers
    Die Hoffnung stirbt nie - Broilers
    Wo Bist Du (Du Fehlst)? - Broilers
    Ich Brenn' - Broilers
    Nanana (Ich Krieg' Das Hin) - Broilers
    Ich Will Hier Nicht Sein - Broilers
    Grau, grau, grau - Broilers
    Der Rest und ich - Broilers
    Hand of Blood - Bullet for My Valentine
    Tears Don't Fall - Bullet for My Valentine
    Hearts Burst Into Fire - Bullet for My Valentine
    Waking the Demon - Bullet for My Valentine
    Whole Lotta Rosie (Live at BBC Radio 1) - Bullet for My Valentine
    Wespenstich - Captain Planet
    Spreu vom Weizen - Captain Planet
    Sammeln Und Stapeln - Captain Planet
    Hundertzwanzig Sachen - Captain Planet
    Hols Stöckchen bitte - Captain Planet
    Abenteuer im Metadelta - Captain Planet
    Auftauchen um Luft zu holen - Captain Planet
    Zugehört - Captain Planet
    Walbaby - Captain Planet
    Vom Fass in den Regen - Captain Planet
    Blattsport - Captain Planet
    Rambo - Captain Planet
    Knapp unterm Dach - Captain Planet
    Miniaturwurzelwerke - Captain Planet
    Stühle Rücken - Captain Planet
    Pyro - Captain Planet
    Nest - Captain Planet
    Gehwegflattern - Captain Planet
    Spinne - Captain Planet
    Spielplatz - Captain Planet
    Aus alt mach neu - Captain Planet
    The Boat - Chuck Ragan
    For Broken Ears - Chuck Ragan
    California Burritos - Chuck Ragan
    It’s What You Will - Chuck Ragan
    Don’t Cry - Chuck Ragan
    Between The Lines - Chuck Ragan
    Symmetry - Chuck Ragan
    Hearts Of Stone - Chuck Ragan
    The Grove - Chuck Ragan
    Do What You Do - Chuck Ragan
    For Goodness Sake - Chuck Ragan
    Rotterdam - Chuck Ragan
    Done And Done - Chuck Ragan
    The Trench - Chuck Ragan
    10 West - Chuck Ragan
    Ole Diesel - Chuck Ragan
    Cut Em Down - Chuck Ragan
    Good Enough For Rock And Roll - Chuck Ragan
    Nothing Left To Prove - Chuck Ragan
    Nomad By Fate - Chuck Ragan
    You Get What You Give - Chuck Ragan
    Wish On The Moon - Chuck Ragan
    Come Around - Chuck Ragan
    Seems We're OK - Chuck Ragan
    Meet You In The Middle - Chuck Ragan
    Lost And Found - Chuck Ragan
    Something May Catch Fire - Chuck Ragan
    Vagabond - Chuck Ragan
    Non Typical - Chuck Ragan
    Revved - Chuck Ragan
    Bedroll Lullaby - Chuck Ragan
    Gave My Heart Out - Chuck Ragan
    You And I Alone - Chuck Ragan
    Whistleblowers Song - Chuck Ragan
    Stay Useless - Cloud Nothings
    Quieter Today - Cloud Nothings
    Psychic Trauma - Cloud Nothings
    No Thoughts - Cloud Nothings
    Be Bop a Lula - Demented Are Go!
    Holy Hack Jack - Demented Are Go!
    (I Was Born On A) Busted Hymen - Demented Are Go!
    Rubber Buccaneer - Demented Are Go!
    Cast Iron Arm - Demented Are Go!
    The Walking Dead - Dropkick Murphys
    I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
    The State of Massachusetts - Dropkick Murphys
    Vices And Virtues - Dropkick Murphys
    Surrender - Dropkick Murphys
    (F)lannigan's Ball - Dropkick Murphys
    Fairmount Hill - Dropkick Murphys
    Loyal to No One - Dropkick Murphys
    Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya - Dropkick Murphys
    Going Out in Style - Dropkick Murphys
    The Hardest Mile - Dropkick Murphys
    Cruel - Dropkick Murphys
    Broken Hymns - Dropkick Murphys
    Deeds Not Words - Dropkick Murphys
    Take ‘Em Down - Dropkick Murphys
    Peg o’ My Heart - Dropkick Murphys
    The Boys Are Back - Dropkick Murphys
    Rose Tattoo - Dropkick Murphys
    Jimmy Collins Wake - Dropkick Murphys
    The Season's Upon Us - Dropkick Murphys
    Don't Tear Us Apart - Dropkick Murphys
    Out on the Town - Dropkick Murphys
    Out of Our Heads - Dropkick Murphys
    End of the Night - Dropkick Murphys
    Only Want You - Eagles of Death Metal
    Speaking in Tongues - Eagles of Death Metal
    So Easy - Eagles of Death Metal
    Bad Dream Mama - Eagles of Death Metal
    Stacks O'Money - Eagles of Death Metal
    Stuck in the Middle With You - Eagles of Death Metal
    Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn) - Eagles of Death Metal
    San Berdoo Sunburn - Eagles of Death Metal
    Miss Alissa - Eagles of Death Metal
    I Want You So Hard (Boys Bad News) - Eagles of Death Metal
    I Like To Move In The Night - Eagles of Death Metal
    Don't Speak - Eagles of Death Metal
    Poor Doggie - Eagles of Death Metal
    Anything 'Cept The Truth - Eagles of Death Metal
    Wannabe in L.A. - Eagles of Death Metal
    Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy
    Beat It (Studio Version) - Fall Out Boy
    I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) - Fall Out Boy
    A Man Alone - Finch
    Stechuhr - Findus
    Erdbebenwarnung - Findus
    Anfang vs Ende - Findus
    Die Delle Im Entertainment Programm - Findus
    Feuer ohne Flamme - Findus
    Sansibar - Findus
    Mount Everest - Findus
    Stockholm - Findus
    Galaabend - Findus
    Was dich zerstört - Findus
    Feuer In Paris - Findus
    gehen im schnee - Findus
    Mrugalla Mal Mich An - Findus
    Dora Und Peter - Findus
    Durch Die Nacht - Findus
    Eine Giraffe Bricht Sich Den Hals - Findus
    Delphine - Findus
    NeunNeunNeun - Findus
    Hafencity - Findus
    Alcatraz - Findus
    Vis a Vis - Findus
    Nachtwache - Findus
    Buhmann - Findus
    Fremde Schatten - Findus
    Ein letzter Gedanke zum Tag - Findus
    Geld frisst Stadt - Findus
    Mondspatziergang - Findus
    Quatscherei - Findus
    Handflächen - Findus
    Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
    DOA - Foo Fighters
    The Pretender - Foo Fighters
    Let It Die - Foo Fighters
    Long Road to Ruin - Foo Fighters
    All My Life - Foo Fighters
    Best of You - Foo Fighters
    I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous - Frank Turner
    Reasons Not to Be an Idiot - Frank Turner
    Photosynthesis - Frank Turner
    Substitute - Frank Turner
    To Take You Home - Frank Turner
    Long Live the Queen - Frank Turner
    Jet Lag - Frank Turner
    To Absent Friend - Frank Turner
    Fields of June - Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo
    Live Fast Die Old - Frank Turner
    Try This At Home - Frank Turner
    Dan's Song - Frank Turner
    Poetry of the Deed - Frank Turner
    Sons of Liberty - Frank Turner
    The Road - Frank Turner
    The Road (Solo Acoustic) - Frank Turner
    Try This At Home (Solo Acoustic) - Frank Turner
    The Real Damage - Frank Turner
    Worse Things Happen at Sea - Frank Turner
    Back in the Day - Frank Turner
    Once We Were Anarchists - Frank Turner
    The Ballad Of Me And My Friends - Frank Turner
    Peggy Sang the Blues - Frank Turner
    I Still Believe - Frank Turner
    I Still Believe - Frank Turner
    Rivers - Frank Turner
    I Am Disappeared - Frank Turner
    If Ever I Stray - Frank Turner
    Redemption - Frank Turner
    Recovery - Frank Turner
    Losing Days - Frank Turner
    Plain Sailing Weather - Frank Turner
    Good & Gone - Frank Turner
    Tell Tale Signs - Frank Turner
    Four Simple Words - Frank Turner
    Polaroid Picture - Frank Turner
    The Fisher King Blues - Frank Turner
    Oh Brother - Frank Turner
    We Shall Not Overcome - Frank Turner
    Tattoos - Frank Turner
    Poetry of the Deed (Solo Acoustic) - Frank Turner
    Mr Richards (Solo Acoustic) - Frank Turner
    Rookie of the Year - Funeral for a Friend
    Juneau - Funeral for a Friend
    Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings - Funeral for a Friend
    Escape Artists Never Die - Funeral for a Friend
    Moments Forever Faded - Funeral for a Friend
    She Drove Me To Daytime Television - Funeral for a Friend
    Red Is The New Black - Funeral for a Friend
    Waking Up - Funeral for a Friend
    Monsters - Funeral for a Friend
    Old Hymns - Funeral for a Friend
    Aftertaste - Funeral for a Friend
    Welcome Home Armageddon - Funeral for a Friend
    Conduit - Funeral for a Friend
    The Distance - Funeral for a Friend
    High Castles - Funeral for a Friend
    Arming Eritrea - Future of the Left
    The Hope That House Built - Future of the Left
    Beneath the Waves an Ocean - Future of the Left
    Sorry Dad, I Was Late for the Riots - Future of the Left
    5 Steps / 7 Swords - Get Well Soon
    A Voice In The Louvre - Get Well Soon
    Werner Herzog Gets Shot - Get Well Soon
    Angry Young Man - Get Well Soon
    Prologue - Get Well Soon
    Roland, I Feel You - Get Well Soon
    A Gallows - Get Well Soon
    Oh My! Good Heart - Get Well Soon
    You Cannot Cast Out The Demons (You Might As Well Dance) - Get Well Soon
    When I Come Around - Green Day
    Stuck With Me - Green Day
    Bab's Uvula Who? - Green Day
    Stuart and the Ave. - Green Day
    Walking Contradiction - Green Day
    Nice Guys Finish Last - Green Day
    Hitchin' a Ride - Green Day
    Uptight - Green Day
    Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day
    Whatsername - Green Day
    Letterbomb - Green Day
    Fuck Time - Green Day
    Where They Wander - HorrorPops
    Psychobitches Outta Hell - HorrorPops
    Baby Lou Tattoo - HorrorPops
    Heading for the Disco? - HorrorPops
    Mainline - Hot Water Music
    State of Grace - Hot Water Music
    Drag My Body - Hot Water Music
    Exister - Hot Water Music
    Take No Prisoners - Hot Water Music
    Pledge Wore Thin - Hot Water Music
    Paid in Full - Hot Water Music
    Thinking, That's All - Jimmy Eat World
    Claire - Jimmy Eat World
    Seventeen - Jimmy Eat World
    Episode IV - Jimmy Eat World
    Digits - Jimmy Eat World
    Caveman - Jimmy Eat World
    World Is Static - Jimmy Eat World
    In the Same Room - Jimmy Eat World
    Robot Factory - Jimmy Eat World
    Anderson Mesa - Jimmy Eat World
    Disintegration - Jimmy Eat World
    Closer - Jimmy Eat World
    Half Right - Jimmy Eat World
    Kill - Jimmy Eat World
    Pain - Jimmy Eat World
    Nothing Wrong - Jimmy Eat World
    23 - Jimmy Eat World
    Your New Aesthetic - Jimmy Eat World
    Crush - Jimmy Eat World
    Ten - Jimmy Eat World
    Just Watch the Fireworks - Jimmy Eat World
    Blister - Jimmy Eat World
    Clarity - Jimmy Eat World
    Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World
    A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World
    The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
    Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
    Get It Faster - Jimmy Eat World
    The Authority Song - Jimmy Eat World
    No Sensitivity - Jimmy Eat World
    Orange Julius - Joyce Manor
    Beach Community - Joyce Manor
    Derailed - Joyce Manor
    Famous Friend - Joyce Manor
    Leather Jacket - Joyce Manor
    21st Dead Rats - Joyce Manor
    Constant Nothing - Joyce Manor
    Ashtray Petting Zoo - Joyce Manor
    Constant Headache - Joyce Manor
    Im Taxi weinen - Kettcar
    Balkon gegenüber - Kettcar
    Deiche - Kettcar
    Balu - Kettcar
    Graceland - Kettcar
    Nullsummenspiel - Kettcar
    Kein Außen Mehr - Kettcar
    Wir müssen das nicht tun - Kettcar
    Geringfügig, befristet, raus - Kettcar
    Dunkel - Kettcar
    Würde - Kettcar
    Wir werden nie enttäuscht werden - Kettcar
    Rettung - Kettcar
    Erkenschwick - Kettcar
    Schrilles, Buntes Hamburg - Kettcar
    In Deinen Armen - Kettcar
    Zurück Aus Ohlsdorf - Kettcar
    Der apokalyptische Reiter und das besorgte Pferd - Kettcar
    Red Morning Light - Kings of Leon
    California Waiting - Kings of Leon
    Slow Night, So Long - Kings of Leon
    King Of The Rodeo - Kings of Leon
    Milk - Kings of Leon
    The Bucket - Kings of Leon
    Soft (Explicit) - Kings of Leon
    Four Kicks - Kings of Leon
    Velvet Snow - Kings of Leon
    Knocked Up - Kings of Leon
    Charmer - Kings of Leon
    Black Thumbnail - Kings of Leon
    My Party - Kings of Leon
    True Love Way - Kings of Leon
    Ragoo - Kings of Leon
    Fans - Kings of Leon
    Camaro - Kings of Leon
    Closer - Kings of Leon
    Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
    17 - Kings of Leon
    Notion - Kings of Leon
    I Want You - Kings of Leon
    Supersoaker - Kings of Leon
    Rock City - Kings of Leon
    Don't Matter - Kings of Leon
    Beautiful War - Kings of Leon
    Coming Back Again - Kings of Leon
    Work On Me - Kings of Leon
    Last Mile Home - Kings of Leon
    River Runs Red - Life of Agony
    Down In The Past - Mando Diao
    Sheepdog - Mando Diao
    Long Before Rock'n'Roll - Mando Diao
    Curl of the Burl - Mastodon
    Stargasm - Mastodon
    All the Heavy Lifting - Mastodon
    The Sparrow - Mastodon
    Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down - Matt Pryor
    Polish the Broken Glass - Matt Pryor
    Fridtjof Nansen - Matula
    Straßen - Matula
    Hammerbrook - Matula
    Böller - Matula
    Hähnekrähen - Matula
    Over The Top - Matula
    karaoke - Matula
    Lebkuchenhaus - Matula
    Agenda s.c.h. - Matula
    Jongleure - Matula
    Das Paar Warme Handschuhe - Matula
    4,8 Milliarden - Matula
    Tapete - Matula
    Auf allen Festen - Matula
    Monstrum - Matula
    Der Makler - Matula
    Für ein Leben - Matula
    Die härtesten Türen der Stadt - Matula
    Great Expectations - Brian Fallon
    Whiskey In The Jar - Brian Fallon
    Apply Some Pressure - Maxïmo Park
    Going Missing - Maxïmo Park
    Limassol - Maxïmo Park
    The Coast Is Always Changing - Maxïmo Park
    Once, a Glimpse - Maxïmo Park
    All Over The Shop - Maxïmo Park
    Girls Who Play Guitars - Maxïmo Park
    Our Velocity - Maxïmo Park
    Karaoke Plays - Maxïmo Park
    The Unshockable - Maxïmo Park
    Nosebleed - Maxïmo Park
    Write This Down - Maxïmo Park
    The Kids Are Sick Again - Maxïmo Park
    Calm - Maxïmo Park
    The Undercurrents (Acoustic) - Maxïmo Park
    Last Caress - Misfits
    Where Eagles Dare - Misfits
    We Are 138 - Misfits
    Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
    The Cave - Mumford & Sons
    Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons