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 - Metri Free



Release Date: 1994-02

Label: Sähkö Recordings

All tracks are studio live recordings played with analogical equipment direct to DAT tape during summer and autumn 1993. The CSG (Complex Sound Generator) is build up by Jari Lehtinen. Digital mastering at Fvox.

The first edition was limited to 1000 copies only.
Pre-release version was housed in bubblewrap envelope with and additional "PRE" stamp on the front.
The regular release came in a 16 x 16 cm light brown sturdy cardboard mailer which features "100% UUSIO" (and a recycling logo) embossed on the back.
Both versions feature a release specific Sähkö stamp in blue and red ink on the front. The actual CD is housed in a printed b/w cardboard slipjacket. Also contains an original photographic print in the size 10.5 x 14.8 cm that is rubberstamped "Ø" in red on the back.

Reissued in the mid-late 90s, housed in more plain grey cardboard (here).

Track durations not listed on release. Taken by CD player.


Tracks In This Album

Ø Sisään free listening
Sisään - Ø
Ø Hornitus free listening
Hornitus - Ø
Ø Kuvio free listening
Kuvio - Ø
Ø JL-CSG I free listening
Ø Muuntaja free listening
Muuntaja - Ø
Ø Hion free listening
Hion - Ø
Ø Twin Bleebs free listening
Twin Bleebs - Ø
Ø Erit-Samat free listening
Erit-Samat - Ø
Ø Lasi free listening
Lasi - Ø
Ø JL-CSG II free listening
Ø Radio free listening
Radio - Ø
Ø Asuntola free listening
Asuntola - Ø
Ø Kenttä free listening
Kenttä - Ø
Ø Halli free listening
Halli - Ø
Ø Dayak free listening
Dayak - Ø