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Shatoo Free Music


Shatoo Free Music


Effective period / Period of releases: 1987 - 2017

Members: Geir Bratland, Per Aksel Lundgreen, Dag Brandth, Hanne Kristine Haugsand, Øivind Haavik, Calle Varfjell

Shatoo is a band from Halden/Asker that started in 1987 with Dag Brandth, Calle Marcussen (now Varfjell) and Øyvind Haavik. The boys were only 15-17 years old when they released their debut album "A True Story". Their debut single, "Overload", was the first English-language winner at Norsktoppen and it charted at number 1 and stayed there for 11 weeks. The singles "Santorini" and "Dangertown" were also huge hits from their first album.

The second album, "Life" came out in 1988, shortly followed by Dag's solo album, "Tranquility". After this, Shatoo ended, and Dag released only one more single, "Don't Throw Our Love Away", in 1990.

In 2013, Shatoo was resurrected, and together with the original members, Dag Brandth and Calle Varfjell, keyboardist/producer Geir Bratland (ex-Apoptygma Berzerk/Dimmu Borgir) and keyboardist/producer Per Aksel Lundgreen (ex-Apoptygma Berzerk/Angst Pop/Chinese Detectives/Cronos Titan/Rossetti's Compass) joined the line-up. Also on the team is producer Roy-Julian Digre a.k.a. Technomancer.

Geir Bratland left the band in 2014 after a couple gigs, and was replaced by Hanne Kristine Haugsand aka Psykosister.

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