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Mayhem Free Music


Mayhem Free Music


Effective period / Period of releases: 1986 - 2019

Members: Attila Csihar, Sven Erik Kristiansen, Varg Vikernes, Snorre Ruch, Manheim, Jan Axel Von Blomberg, Silmaeth, Zathan, Rune Eriksen (2), Charles Hedger, Øystein Aarseth, Jørn Stubberud, Torben Grue, Morten Iversen, Eirik Norheim, Per Yngve Ohlin, Stian Johansen

Highly influential black metal band from Ski/Oslo, Norway. Founded in 1984 by Øystein Aarseth, Manheim and Jørn Stubberud.

Notorious for, among other things, the shotgun suicide of singer Per Yngve Ohlin, the murder of Aarseth by Varg Vikernes, and a string of church arsons for which Vikernes was convicted.

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