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Sesame Street Free Music


Sesame Street Free Music

Sesame Street

Effective period / Period of releases: 1970 - 2001

Members: Yvonne Lewis, Cookie Monster, Jim Henson, Oscar The Grouch, Ullanda McCullough, Kevin Clash, Maeretha Stewart, Matt Robinson, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Fran Brill, Sonia Manzano, The Kids (2), Ernie (4), Alaina Reed, Loretta Long, Carroll Spinney, Roscoe Orman, Will Lee (2), Bert (3), Grover (4), The Count (5), Marty (4), Kermit The Frog, Bob McGrath, Northern Calloway, Marilyn Sokol, Christopher Cerf, Little Jerry And The Monotones, Emilio Delgado, Prairie Dawn, David & The Ringers, Elmo (12), Herry Monster, Eddie (45), Andy (132), Matt Vogel, A Little Girl, Lefty (13), Lefty's Boss, Snuffleupagus, Chris And The Alphabeats, Baby Bear, Lexine, Benny Rabbit, Hoots The Owl, The Two-Headed Monster, The Birds (8), Ftatateeta And The Bats, Princess Zoƫ, Marty Robinson (6), Luis Santeiro

The first show that Children's Television Workshop produced was Sesame Street, which proved hugely successful. The Carnegie Corporation, the US Office of Education, and Ford Foundation provided the initial funding for the project.

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