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Kamijo Free Music


Kamijo Free Music


Real name: Yūji Kamijō 祐之上城

Effective period / Period of releases: 2013 - 2018

Members: Yuki (15), Anzi, 三輪昌史, 時雨, Meku

Kamijo is a vocalist and producer from Tokyo, born in Setagaya on July 19th, 1975.
A former roadie of Malice Mizer, Kamijo formed the visual kei band Lareine in 1994 using the stage name Shoki (2), that he dropped in 1996. Lareine achieved major status in 1998, but eventually lost all its members except Kamijo in mid-2000.

Kamijo then released music as a solo artist using the name Lareine and also formed a new band called New Sodmy in 2001. In the meantime he founded his own record label Applause Records (2), that turned into Sherow Artist Society in 2006, and produced several visual kei bands. After New Sodmy disbanded in 2002, Lareine came back as a band with most of the former members and stayed active until late 2006. In early 2007 Kamijo debuted with his current band Versailles (3), which went major in summer 2009.

In 2013 Versailles went on a hiatus to take time off and to find new ideas for the band (being concerned about their latest releases not being as good as their firsts ones). During this time he started a solo project under his own name, while, led by Hizaki, the other members formed a new band called Jupiter (33) with a different vocalist. Versailles eventually reformed for a show at the end of 2015 and restarted activities during the following year, while Kamijo also continued his solo career.

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