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Isolée Free Music


Isolée Free Music


Real name: Rajko Müller

Effective period / Period of releases: 1996 - 2017

Isolée is a minimalist house producer whose music is reminisent of indie electronic pop music of the early eighties and ambient techno from a decade on. Isolée is credited with creating the very first microhouse record to reach the club charts. Isolée's 2000 release "Rest" was arguably the first microhouse full-length album.

Rajko Müller was born in Frankfurt, Germany but lived with his family in Algeria at the age of 7 to 12 and went to a French primary school. Around this time his parents bought an organ for Christmas and he tried to do some synth-pop with a school friend. They decided to buy a synthesizer and a drumcomputer. Rajko grew tired of synth-pop and EBM in the end of the eighties and listened more to rock music and independent music. Müller's friends made him discover house music, hip-hop and techno in the early nineties and Müller began a second attempt to record electronic music again. Müller gave a tape to his friend and DJ Andreas Baumecker, owner of Freundinnen records, who worked in a record-store where the members of Playhouse Records used to work - starting off his career.

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