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Critical Mass Free Music


Critical Mass Free Music

Critical Mass

Real name: Ed Bout & Dave van Hasselaar

Effective period / Period of releases: 1994 - 1998

Members: Ed Bout, Ludmilla Odijk, Dave van Hasselaar, Danny Haenraets

Critical Mass was a Dutch hardcore group, formed in 1993 by Ed Bout and Dave van Hasselaar.
In the mid-nineties, Critical Mass turned into a popular happy hardcore act, as ID&T records (which was at the center of hardcore at the time) wanted a live act. At the beginning both producers were the act by themselves but not much later they added the singer Ludmilla Odijk and the rapper Danny Haenraets alias MC Energy. At the end of 1995 they had a hit with "Dancin' Together".
In 1996 3 big hits followed: "Burnin' Love", "Believe In The Future" and "Happy Generation".
In 1997 another single followed called "Together In Dreams".
In 1999 the group tried again with a trance single called "In Your Eyes", it became a clubhit.
"In Your Eyes" and "Together in Dreams" (both being eurotrance tracks, and not happy hardcore) were picked up by Byte Records. But even Byte failed to make Critical Mass succeed.

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