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Nobukazu Takemura Free Music


Nobukazu Takemura Free Music

Nobukazu Takemura

Real name: 竹村延和 (Takemura Nobukazu)

Effective period / Period of releases: 1993 - 2007

Born August 26th, 1968 in Osaka, Japan. Started his DJ career during high school, spinning in the clubs of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. In 1987, he formed the DJ Team "Cool Jazz Productions", & in 1988, joins "Audio Sports" the now legendary hip-hop unit headed by Eye Yamatsuka of the Boredoms. Around 1993 Takemura first branched out as a solo artist under the moniker "Child's View". The name highlighted one of the key themes in his music that is still prevalent today. He tries to create melodies that musically capture a sense of wonder, a childlike innocence and curiosity. He has a huge catalog of collaborations with critically acclaimed artists from every corner of the world. From Issey Miyake, who had him create music for 2 seasons of designs, to Sony who had him create all the sounds for their futuristic toy Aibo. From Steve Reich to DJ Spooky from Yo La Tengo to Tortoise. His wide range of collaborative partners reflect the wide range of his musical talents.

He was managed by Shinsuke Yamada (2).

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