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Naked Raygun Free Music


Naked Raygun Free Music

Naked Raygun

Effective period / Period of releases: 1983 - 2011

Members: Santiago Durango, Eric Spicer, Jeff Pezzati, Pierre Kezdy, John Haggerty, Jim Colao, John Lundine, Camilo Gonzalez, Bill Stephens, Bobby Strange, Marko Pezzati

Naked Raygun is a popular punk rock band from Chicago, IL. Early in their career, the band was a very arty punk band, but as time passed and band members changed, the group became a more streamlined power pop/punk act. The group was founded in 1980 by guitarist Santiago Durango and bassist Marko Pezzati, although both would leave the band early on. Jeff Pezzati, Marko's younger brother, was soon recruited to sing and would be the only member to remain with the band throughout their entire history. The band made their recorded debut on the "Busted At Oz" compilation in 1981. 1985's "All Rise" (the group's 2nd LP) would be the first Naked Raygun record to feature what many consider the group's "classic" line up of Jeff Pezzati, John Haggerty (guitar), Pierre Kezdy (bass), and Eric Spicer (drums). The group was now among the most popular bands in Chicago and had a dedicated following around the country. In 1989, Haggerty, frustrated over the band's lack of consistent touring, quit the group. Many felt this was a fatal blow to the band's chemistry. Haggerty was replaced by Bill Stephens for 1990's "Raygun...Naked Raygun". The band continued on until 1992. Although no formal break up announcement was made, the group essentially disbanded. In the ensuing years, the band would play sporadic reunion gigs in Chicago (with Bill Stephens in place of John Haggerty, who refused to participate). In 2006, the band announced that they were reforming and have since played shows across the country.

Current line-up:
Jeff Pezzati - Vocals
Bill Stephens - Guitar
Pierre Kezdy - Bass
Eric Spicer - Drums

Former Members:
Marko Pezzati - Bass (1980-1981)
Santiago Durango - Guitar (1980-1983)
John Haggerty - Guitar (1983-1989)
Camilo Gonzalez - Bass (1981-1985)
Jim Calao - Drums (1980-1984)
Bobby Strange - Drums (1980)
John Lundine - Drums, Keyboards (1980-1981)

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