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Fadihat Free Music


Fadihat Free Music


Which means disgrace or shame Nista , Brutal Death Metal band formed in Jakarta is starting to stick existensinya in the rock music scene in 1998 . Along his journey disgrace frequent disassembly personnel / formation .
in 2000 they tried to launch a mini- album EP containing 4 songs bertittel " Dark Nature " that they release and distribute it yourself (DIY ) . new in 2001 they came back with crazy ideas with Prime spewing full album / first disgrace " I'm Your Blasphemy " which contains 10 songs , was released and distributed by NOISY RECORDS .
the following year stay productive with the works 2002 sadistnya in disgrace back again spewing their second full album is more mature with full insanity " Sick Vagina Hole " is the second full album was released by UNFLESH PRODUCTION . Some songs disgrace often participate / participate in the metal scene compilation album homeland and outside of which Brutally sicknes " Blody Sounds of Death " Extreme Soul Production ( Bdg ) and also " Liquesent Horrific Aftermath " Life Fluite Prod ( Australia ) and more ... shame had experienced hard times over the years to disintegrate had for several years , and then finally Hery , Tyo.A and Ismail who was the original founder of shame back together to re- active with his crazy hobby in music rock / metal , they started back up from era of adversity to get back to work with rotten ideas , crazy , and also began to perform again in any event - the event metal scene homeland / local .
In 2010 disgrace grieving and mourning Ismail ( exs Secoon Of Death ) which is one of the founders of shame Died dikarnakan sick and was replaced by Indra Sakratis exs . whereas for shame many songs influenced by bands overseas like : Crytopsy , Suffocation , Canibal corpse , Deicide and Dying Fetus .
In 2011 up to this disgrace again spewing promo Mcd - Ep 4 containing their latest song " Hell Of The World " as a sign of resurrection and their productivity in the metal scene with new material and also the formation of a more craze that is ready to grind eardrum . and shame on akhir'a in 2012 Full Album spewing into three " Addicted To Kill " which contains 9 songs and 1 intro which was released by two labels at the same records that Fullgahar Production and Deadrebel Records .
Brutal Death Metal Asoy , Geboy , and Enjoyy ..........

Are disgrace :
Novian : Vocals

Discography disgrace :
ALBUM disgrace .

MINI ALBUM - Natural Dark 2000'th ( D.I.Y ) .
FULL ALBUM - I'm Your Blasphemy 2001'th ( NOISY RECORDS ) .
FULL ALBUM - Sick Vagina Hole 2002'th ( UNFLESH PRODUCTION ) .
PROMO MCD - Hell Of The World 2011'th ( DeadRebeL Tattoo and distributions ) .
FULL ALBUM - Addicted To Kill 2012'th ( FULLGAHR PRODUCTION ) .

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