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Kincade Free Music


Kincade Free Music


Effective period / Period of releases: 1972 - 2005

Members: John Shakespeare (2)

Not to be confused with singer John Kincade

Kincade was mainly a studio-project, directed by John Carter (2). The songs featured vocals by Carter and were recorded using sessions musicians. For promotional purposes like TV and disco appearances and interviews, Kincade was shown between December 1972 and December 1973 as a three-piece band comprised of Paul Griggs (the pretended "lead singer"), his brother Nigel Griggs and Rick Williams (5). These posed as Kincade but didn't contribute to the recordings. They are also shown as band members on some of the LP and single covers.

Confusingly, on the cover of the first single "Dreams Are Ten A Penny" (at least on the German, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish releases) and of a Spanish EP of the same name, a different musician is shown as the (apparently lone) member of Kincade: John Knowles. Knowles didn't contribute to the recordings either. He was first recruited to pose as front man of Kincade for promotional purposes, but eventually quitted in order to launch a solo career and really perform himself. John Knowles took the name of John Kincade (capitalizing on the huge success of Kincade's first single in Germany) and released own Singles and LPs with material really sung by him. To complicate things furthermore, John Kincade recorded an own German-language version of "Dreams Are Ten A Penny" and both the "band" Kincade and the solo artist John Kincade recorded versions of "Shine On Me Woman".

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