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Gorgoroth Free Music


Gorgoroth Free Music


Effective period / Period of releases: 1993 - 2015

Members: Erik Brødreskift, Tomas Asklund, Ronny Hovland, Kjettar, Discomforter, Frank Watkins, Roger Tiegs, Rune Thorsnes, Telnes, Torgrim Øyre, Tomas Haugen, Einar Selvik, Jan Solstad, Tom Visnes, Kristian Espedal, Thomas Kronenes, Erlend Erichsen, Erik Hæggernes, Kjetil Haraldstad, Stefan Todorovic

Gorgoroth of Norway was formed in 1992 by Hat (vocals), Goat (Drums) and Infernus (Guitar). Gorgoroth is taken from the book The Lord of the Rings and is a dark and lifeless field where evil dwells. The band has never officially published their lyrics, neither through album booklets nor other sources, online or otherwise.

In 1993 Gorgoroth released their first demo called "A Sorcery Written in Blood". A guy named Kjettar played bass on the demo, but left right after. They were later signed to Embassy Rec. where they later, in 1994, released their first full-length, "Pentagram". Samoth from Emperor joined and played bass on the album, however, after the release he and Goat left the band.

In 1996 they were signed to a different label called Malicious Records, which re-released "Pentagram". Same year the band also released their 2nd album "Antichrist" and Frost from Satyricon played drums on this album. Infernus also dedicated this album to Euronymous of Mayhem. They later released the MCD "The Last Tormentor" where Grim (Immortal, Borknagar) replaced Frost and Ares (Aeternus) played bass. In 1997 they released "Under the Sign of Hell" which was not only the last album on Malicious Records, but also the last album with drummer Grim who died because of drug abuse. Gorgoroth were later signed with Nuclear Blast and released "Destroyer", and in 1998 they participated on the Darkthrone tribute "Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone" where they covered "Slottet I Det Fjerne".

In 2000 they released "Incipit Satan" and in 2000 they covered "Life Eternal" on the Mayhem tribute album. They then released "Twilight of the Idols (In Conspiracy with Satan)" in 2003. In 2004 they played a live show in Krakow, Poland, which gave them quite some attention. Severed sheep heads and buckets of blood and guts were spilt on the floor. Naked people with bags over their head were placed on crosses. Shortly after Gaahl was sent to prison and Kvitrafn left the band. In 2006 they released "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam".

During October 2007, Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King ov Hell decided to kick founding member Infernus out of the band. A legal battle over the rights of the name and logo between Infernus and Gaahl / King then ensued. Gaahl and King carried on touring without Infernus for around 18 months after copyrighting the band's name and logo (before 'firing' him), while Infernus put together a new line-up. Oslo City District Court delivered a verdict on March 10th 2009 on the main question in the Gorgoroth trademark case, which took place at the end of January 2009, deciding that King ov Hell's trademark registration #243365 of the band name was not valid and shall therefore be deleted.

After the legal dispute, Gorgoroth published Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt with Infernus remaining the only original member and composer. In 2011, the band re-recorded the '97 full-length Under the Sign of Hell with the original vocalist Pest. In 2015, they recorded the new album Instinctus Bestialis with a new vocalist, Atterigner.

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