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Clatterbox Free Music


Clatterbox Free Music


Real name: David Kempston

Effective period / Period of releases: 1995 - 2015

During the mid-nineties, Dave secured himself a considerable following while recording releases for the seminal UK label Clear, recently made available again under his DJK Productions brand. Clatterbox' 'Debut' 2x10" and subsequent 'Clatterbeats' releases defined a unique sound by fusing electro with heavy dope beats and are now sought after collector's items.

He went on to produce music under various guises including the solid house sounds of Cartel Productions, a project that has recently resurfaced on Cheap Records, and a successful collaboration album project with Metamatics (Lee Norris) on Neoouija.

Evolving his sound to a more sinister and electronic electro-style, David set up his own record label called Z-Bop in 2003, which is co-run by long-time friend 'Even Steven' Horne (a.k.a. The Horn from Universal Language) and a family of artists who all hail from the South West of England.

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