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Cannibal Ox Free Music


Cannibal Ox Free Music

Cannibal Ox

Effective period / Period of releases: 2001 - 2015

CAN*NI*BAL (noun): one that eats the flesh of its own kind

OX (noun): a slang term used to describe a sharp blade Cannibal Ox, a pair of MC's that devour their own kind with words as sharp as blades

Harlem, NY natives Vordul Megilah and Vast Aire bring to you their highly anticipated debut LP "The Cold Vein".

Cannibal Ox is getting intense responses from heads and journalists alike...saying that it is hip hop that is street, reality based and lyricaly advanced at the same time ... delivered with a sincerity, intelligence and skill level that may have never been heard in this way.

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