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Roel Funcken Free Music


Roel Funcken Free Music

Roel Funcken

Real name: Roel Funcken

Effective period / Period of releases: 2010 - 2019

Roel Funcken officially popped up on the scene in 2010, with his solo debut, titled Vade, out on Ad Noiseam. But fans of electronic music, and IDM in general, have been tracking this Dutch musician for over a decade prior, when, along with his brother, Don, the duo has released some of the genre defining music on labels such as Djak-Up-Bitch, Schematic, Sublight Records, Neo Ouija, n5MD and others, as the one and only Funckarma. In 2009 the Funcken brothers kicked off their very own, digital-only, Funcken Industry imprint, which hosted a few of their other projects and offshoots, such as Shadow Huntaz, Scone, Quench, Automotive, and the latest from Roel's solo works. Although Don has slowly slipped into the background (not counting his work with Roel and Cor Bolten as Legiac), Roel has continued to influence the evolution of music through numerous releases (Iridium Flare and Balaklavskiy Prospex stands out in particular) and active engagement in the community, with music festival curation, mixes, and an exclusive slot on Headphone Commute's podcast. Roel's music is advanced in sound design, often incorporating unique experimentation in electronic sound, with cut-up, twisted, atmospheric sonic soundscapes, leaving the cranium always begging for more. His ambient textures maintain a cinematic quality throughout, while his percussive arrangements retain a constantly mutating framework, always reconstructing its rhythm and structure, contradicting complex configurations and minimal design. It's always a pleasure to taste the latest treat from this aural engineer, and find the latest gem in his never-ending arsenal of sound.

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