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Chantal Curtis Free Music


Chantal Curtis Free Music

Chantal Curtis

Real name: Chantal Sitruk

Effective period / Period of releases: 1979

French vocalist, who hailed from Tunisia, is best known for the Disco song 'Get Another Love' and 'Hit Man' which appeared in America on the Key Records' label.
Chantal Curtis from the French Michele album cover Chantal's producer, Pierre Jaubert, tells DiscoMusic.com that he discovered her in the late 1970s on the streets of Paris. She was walking down the street while talking to another woman and he instantly liked the quality of her voice. Jaubert asked Chantal if she could sing. She said yes and that she was looking for work.
It's at the time of the release of her first album that her life goes spiraling out of control. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Philippe Briche who was a talented arranger and pianist, turned her on to hard drugs and she served some prison time because of it. Chantal Curtis recorded Can't You Feel It and several other tracks including Disco Dance, but because she was serving time in prison, Jaubert released the songs on an album under the pseudonym Michele. This was released in France on Epic Records and in America on West End Records with the big hit being Disco Dance.
Fast forward to 1979 and the duo work on releasing the Get Another Love album under her name. The album was released in America on Keylock Records out of New York and saw widespread discotheque and radio exposure.
Chantal was murdered in Israel in 1985, allegedly the victim of a bullet intended for her boyfriend Philippe Briche. The source of this is Pierre Jaubert, her producer.

Born: 19??, Tunisia.
Died: 1985, in Israel.

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