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Guardarraya Free Music


Guardarraya Free Music


Effective period / Period of releases: 2002 - 2009

Members: Franco Aguirre, Andrés Caicedo, Bastián Napolitano, Álvaro Bermeo, Mateo Crespo, Felipe Andino, Jason De La Vega

At the end of 1999, Guardarraya first appears without a name, they were only a group of friends who were looking to make music. At the beginning of the year 2000, the band emerges as an acoustic musical project. Formed by a voice (Álvaro Bermeo), two electroacoustic guitars (Mateo Crespo and Álvaro Bermeo) and a bongó (Andrés Caicedo).
The electroacoustic sound of the guitars, the Andean hype and the bongos marked the beginning and the history of the band's sound. Mateo Crespo as first guitar and choirs, Álvaro Bermeo is the lead vocalist, the second guitar and, sometimes, a bit of quena. Andrés Caicedo plays percussion, with this conformation, the band performs in a bar in the city of Quito-Ecuador called "la Vitrola", which currently no longer exists, the value of the ticket at that time was $ 25,000 Sucres ($ 1 dollar). The band, which had been playing for 6 months for themselves, faced the novelty of doing it for an audience and putting on a name, therefore, was born Guardarraya.
Under this alignment, they record a Demo with five songs for the documentary “Baños”. Approximately two months later, an electric bass (Andrés Pacheco) is incorporated and the percussion set expands and acquires a more solid and defined sound.
After a series of concerts in Quito and other cities in the country, his work begins to be recognized. In the year 200 they record their first album / demo called Guardarraya, which was produced by public demand. Very handmade but also very visceral, where themes such as “Big Bang” and “Háblame Más Suave”, songs that get recognition on local radios.
In 2002 they produce their second album called "Chistes y Roces", an album that once again positively impacts the audience that listens to them. Recorded in a single studio session, with musicians playing live. After Andrés Pacheco's departure, the band incorporates Franco Aguirre of Sal y Mileto, one of the most respected bass players in the Ecuadorian musical field.
The band continues playing and especially working on the production of a clear and pure sound that reflects the essence of Guardarraya. After an almost total exit of the stage during two years, Guardarraya returns in 2007. In that year, the band begins pre-production of their new album called “Quitarán Di Áhí” and releases their promotional single: Tiburón. The single was mixed and mastered in Buenos Aires-Argentina, in the studio of Gustavo Cerati called Unísono. That same year they were awarded as the Best Alternative Band in the 2007 by “Mis Bandas Nacionales Awards”.
In 2008 they released their album "Guardacan" with the band "Can Can" which was recorded live at the Bolívar Theater in August 2007. A DVD was released and the special edition also featured an audio CD. In 2008 the album "Surtidos Selectos" was also released, which is a compilation of past songs along with new recordings that the band made during those years.
In 2009, the band presented their album "Quitarán Di Áhi", a album mastered in Magneto Mastering, Minneapolis USA by Dave Gardner. A tour of the country is organized with this material. This time, the band meets a growing audience that recognizes and sings their songs. Thus, Guardarraya is consolidated as an Ecuadorian band with its own sound and style.
At present, after a decade of work, Guardarraya is undoubtedly an obligatory reference of the new music of Ecuador. Guardarraya called his music as: “Música visceral, urbano popular, mestiza alternativa”. On March 22, 2015, the band announces through its website and social networks the creation of a crowdfunding called “Ayudanos A Parir” to obtain funds and make the production of its new album. On June 2, 2015, the campaign ended and the band exceeded their goal and reached $ 10,795 to produce their new album. In 2016, 7 years after their album "Quitarán Di Áhi", the Ecuadorian band Guardarraya begins recording their new album.
In 2016, the band reissued their albums "Chistes y Roces" and "Quitarán Di Áhi" in CDr format since all the original albums had been sold.
The band recorded their new songs in the city of Cayambe - Ecuador, and on November 10, 2017, Guardarraya performed in Quito the launching concert of their new album called "Me Fui A Volver" at the Sucre National Theater.

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