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邵雨涵 Free Music


邵雨涵 Free Music


Real name: 邵雨涵

Rainy Shao was born in Jiangxi city of Xinyu Province, at the age of 10 in Jiangkou Reservoir Ambassador competition; after she entered the Jiangxi province art school dance, and this is her career has laid a good foundation for . When Rainy Shao was 14 years old, in order to buy something you love, she began to fry in led by Uncle . 2002, Rainy Shao successfully admitted to Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Rainy Shao is a student at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou, "Super Girls" Guangzhou division winners winner Zhou Bichang, Yi Hui and Li Na his sister. At first, Rainy Shao participated in the "Super Girls" to Guangzhou division game, but the judges also quite enjoy singing and dancing Hei Nan Rainy Shao, but based on her sick, advised her not to take the black Nan "Super Girls" game. Later, Rainy Shao mingluosunshan. Subsequently, Rainy Shao participated in the "sunshine" star of the sixth college students in Guangzhou image design contest, her solo song "the most beautiful woman in earnest" won the praise.

Rainy Shao, 10 years old to participate in the "Jiangkou Reservoir ambassador" competition, in Jiangxi provincial art school learning time is. She said: "when I was 13 years old, it was a devil's life practice. But it is also the basis of the dance of the young age, so that I have a more comprehensive development." Guangzhou in 2002 was admitted to Xinghai Conservatory of Music, she studied in Jiangxi nationality vocal music teacher. She said: "I am very lucky, the efforts of the students have come to use now, I would like to thank my teacher." 2005 to participate in the "Super Girls" game, although the division in Southern China failed to get a good ranking from the local division of her breakout success, seems to not remember how many times for the game and show, "I want to exercise myself, although very tired." It is also in the competition, singing well, she is best dance record company fancy. This summer, her investors song "dead do not sell" became a lively topic. From participating in the Olympic Games countdown concert party theme song "WEAREREADY" to participate in the recording of the Tiananmen concert, she excitedly said: "if not involved, it is difficult to feel happy, that is an honor, but also a responsibility." Therefore, issued 3 albums on her album "dance" made a special emotion: "to open the Olympic Games next year, I think dance is a sport, I hope to encourage more people to participate in the dance sport, a sport for all years."

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