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Halo Free Music


Halo Free Music


Real name: Brian Varga

Effective period / Period of releases: 1999 - 2005

Halo aka Brian Varga has been involved with dance music since he got his first job at Chicago's Hip House Records at the age of 9. Naturally progressing into the world of the DJ at age 12, Halo was soon a Chicago favorite even though he wasn't old enough to get into the clubs.

After the psychotic atmosphere of the Midwest rave scene had lost its appeal, production seemed to be more than the next step, it was Halo's way of connecting with the rest of the world and a way to escape the increasing intensity of Chicago. Working A&R for Moody records allowed Halo to connect more closely with other producers around the States whose work he respected and wanted to support.

A longtime friendship and common interests led him to try a project with Hipp-e and the H-Foundation was established. Sets at Fabric London, Turbo Toronto, Zouks Singapore, Soma Glasgow, Twilo New York, More Amsterdam, Pacha Buenos Aires, and Allenby Tel-Aviv caused clubbers worldwide to re-evaluate what they could and would dance to. Music that they had always considered too deep was finally being presented to them the right way and their Saturday nights would never be the same. His sets at raves in New Zealand, Montreal, Croatia, Spain, Brazil and all over the United States challenged him to bridge the gap between the depth he needed to fulfill himself and the energy that the crowds were craving.

This idea gave way to releases like the seminal "Future" on Siesta and his remix for Sirus' "Eye For An Eye" on NRK and has inspired a whole new generation of producers and DJ's to follow suit. After a hectic period of DJ tours around the world, Halo is using the inspiration he received on the road to release music he firmly believes in on his own label Bluem. Pre-release orders for the first Bluem release, a solo project, have already outdone sales of any other record from the West coast while future releases include contributions from producers in Spain, San Francisco, Vancouver, and of course from Halo himself.

Halo continues to evolve as a producer, to rock the floor as a DJ, and to participate and succeed in the dog eat dog world of the music industry and yet remains the avid fan and number one supporter of dance music that he was when he was only nine years old.

After the huge success of the "Environments" album, a concept that he and Halo worked on together with live musicians and represents the fusion of styles that has become their trademark, the boys now feel it is time to move on with their careers. They have amicably agreed to go their separate ways, with Hipp-e representing the H-Foundation moniker, and each of them DJing as solo artists.

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