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Okcid Free Music


Okcid Free Music


Real name: Alexander Konkov

Effective period / Period of releases: 2019

Musician, DJ and producer from Russia. Became acquainted with electronic music in 1998 (thanks to Moscow radio "Station 106.8"). He engaged in making music since 2001. In 2004 firmly became interested in music in the style of speedcore. Actively promote speedcore culture. For the first time one of his speedcore tracks sounded on the end of 2005 at "Vse Svoi" club. It was the track "Death Will Not Be Your End" which was used in your DJ set by Sergei Zurg.

Together with Dmitry bioMorph 12 February 2007 creates speedcore / terrorcore web-label Mindnepping Records which joined later such artists as Terrorbunny, de.pre55, Venom and many others.

In August 2007 Okcid makes his debut as a DJ on "Tehpodpolie" party at "Club 7".

In late of 2007 the project formed Mindnepping Team, consisting of residents Mindnepping Records label and Okcid becomes a participant in this project. The first project announced himself on the first party of the series "Hard-2b-Core". Since then the project is actively appears at various underground-events. Performance of the project built an impromptu, so it is unknown who of the participants of team will play on party and which tracks will be used in the set. That creates a unique power that combines the drive of each of the musicians and creating a result DJ set with varied and unpredictable atmosphere of brooding and gloomy Dark Ambient sound to extreme and high-speed hardcore sound.

In 2012 Mindnepping Team starts your promotion group named Speedcore_RU Promo that makes regular speedcore parties in Moscow.

Now Okcid continues to write music, performs at parties, engaged Mindnepping Records label and Speedcore_RU Promo.

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