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Calcutta Free Music


Calcutta Free Music


Real name: Edoardo D'Erme

Effective period / Period of releases: 2012 - 2018

Edoardo Calcutta is a young man from Latina, Italy. Since 2007 he has founded and participated in hundreds of bankruptcy and noisy bands in his city. In 2009 he founded Calcutta with Marco Crypta, duo chimp pop (italian mood), an indie mix between Beat Happening and Lucio Battisti. The band performed for the first time at the "Sottoscala 9" as a shoulder group of Timber Rattle, immediately conquering the hearts of those present. The general enthusiasm will lead to fill any possible hole in the planning of the Arci circle. In 2011 Marco leaves the band and with him also the rhythm section disappears, consequently Edoardo will find himself alone and songwriter.

Edoardo Calcutta (2009-, vocals, guitar, piano)
Luca (71) (2009-2011, drums)

Live touring members:
Alberto Paone (2015-, drums)
Paolo Carlini (3) (2016-, guitar)
Daniele Di Gregorio (2018-, percussions)
Giovanni Imparato (2) (2018-, guitar)
Francesco Bellani (2018-, keyboards)
Gaetano Scognamiglio (2018-, piano)
Giovanni De Sanctis (2018-, bass)
Giorgio Poti (2018, guitar)
Francesco Sarsano (2015-2016, bass)
Aron Carlocchia (2015-2016, keyboards)

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