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 - Essence Free


Adham Shaikh

Release Date: 2002

Label: Sonicturtle Records

Track listing on back cover shows 4 & 5 with inverse positions.

Track 7 is a remix (by Adham Shaikh) of a remix (by himself - which was released as "Ekcentricity (Shiraz Mix)") of the track "Ekcentricity" originally released and credited to EKKO.

Total duration: 67:03
© 2002 Sonicturtle Music (socan) ℗ © 2002 Sonicturtle Music

Trk 3 Postcontempory Music
Trk 5 Earthear Records Struck Publishing

1 Jan. 2002
2 July 2001 - Rec May 2002
3 Incidentally the first piece created in the Sonicturtle
4 Produced by Sonicturtle, March 2001
5 Remix Nov. 2000

4 Sabadhi (Laotian for wishes of well being and wellness)
5 A remix and dub of Lisa Walker's trk from the album "A Grooved Whale" - Inspired by her research on the sounds of the Humpback whales - features the underwater violin composition of Lisa - Recorded on location in south east Alaska
6 Featuring Balinese chant recordings of Keychak and Sufi Flute by Kenyon Field on his trip to Bali in 1998
7 From 'Ekko' rmx

"This album is dedicated to the sacredness of water. Without water... there is no life."
"This album is dedicated to water. The essence of life"

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Tracks In This Album

Adham Shaikh Somptin Hapnin (Water In Me) free listening
Somptin Hapnin (Water In Me) - Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh Sabadub free listening
Sabadub - Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh Constellation (Warp Time Remix) free listening
Constellation (Warp Time Remix) - Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh Sabadhi free listening
Sabadhi - Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh Orcadrift (Remix) free listening
Orcadrift (Remix) - Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh Sufi Spin free listening
Sufi Spin - Adham Shaikh
Adham Shaikh Shiraz (Evolution Mix) free listening
Shiraz (Evolution Mix) - Adham Shaikh