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 - Pocustone Free



Release Date: 2013-06-04

Label: Quazi Delict Records

Track 13's total duration is 15:39. It contains the 5:51 "Pointilice", followed by several minutes of silence, followed by a 7:30 unlisted field recording with voices, birds, stirrings in a room, and church bells.

The CD-ROM portion of the disc contains "Candy Ski", a multimedia track which gives the user the possibility to create an audiovisual experience on his/her computer by pressing keys on the keyboard. Several keys trigger a pre-programmed soundtrack and Flash animation.


Tracks In This Album

Floex Made Of Wood  free listening
Made Of Wood - Floex
Floex Phi_log  free listening
Phi_log - Floex
Floex Waterfalls  free listening
Waterfalls - Floex
Floex Pay No Mind (Barber Mix)  free listening
Pay No Mind (Barber Mix) - Floex
Floex Pinky Pong  free listening
Pinky Pong - Floex
Floex Labccr  free listening
Labccr - Floex
Floex Still Life With Rag And Bolts  free listening
Still Life With Rag And Bolts - Floex
Floex Sandálek  free listening
Sandálek - Floex
Floex Mush Room Cut No9  free listening
Mush Room Cut No9 - Floex
Floex Com  free listening
Com - Floex
Floex Mush Room Cut No13 «Object Square»  free listening
Mush Room Cut No13 «Object Square» - Floex
Floex Below  free listening
Below - Floex
Floex Pointilice  free listening
Pointilice - Floex
Floex Candy Ski free listening
Candy Ski - Floex