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Matthew Herbert

Release Date: 2011-03

Label: Tresor

Mixed and compiled on the 12th of August 2000 (the hottest day of the year) in Swingtime.

℗ Tresor Records 2000
© Tresor Records 2000
Made in EU.

Issued in a clear tray jewel case with 4-page booklet. Some copies with circular sticker on front: "Herbert Mix Feat. Moloko, Radio Boy, Nightmares On Wax, Mr. Oizo, Plastikman and more EFA56157-2"

Track 1 licensed from Repap Records, published by Paper Publishing. ®&© Repap Records 2000.
Track 2 licensed courtesy of Warp Records, published by Warp Music. ®1991 Warp Records Limited. Recorded at Squaredance Nottingham.
Track 3 taken and licensed from Playhouse no.18, published by Ongakumusik 1999. ®&© Playhouse 1998.
Track 4 licensed from Accidental, published by Soundslike Music/Bucks Music. ®&©2000 Accidental. Recorded in Swingtime 1993.
Track 5 taken and licensed from Perlon (PERL 14), copyright control. ©1999 Perlon.
Track 6 taken and licensed from Errorsmith EP#1, copyright control.
Track 7 licensed from Accelerate, originally released in 1993, published by Seventh City Music/ASCAP.
Track 8 licensed from Sound Signature Recordings, published by Whobody Music/BMI.
Track 9 licensed courtesy of The Echo Label Limited, published by Chrysalis Music Limited. ®&©1999 The Echo Label Limited. Recorded in Swingtime 1998.
Track 10 licensed from Music Man Records/N.E.W.S., published by Curtis A. Jones Music. Taken from Constant Chaos.
Track 11 licensed from Accidental, published by Soundslike Music/Bucks Music. ®&©Accidental. Recorded in Swingtime 1995.
Track 12 licensed from Soundslike , published by Soundslike Music/Bucks Music. ®&© 2000 Tresor Records. Recorded in Sweattime 2000.
Track 13 licensed from ILL Records, copyright control. ®&© ILL 1999. Produced @Finsbury Park Studios, York. Taken from Fold.
Track 14 licensed from SSR/Crammed Discs, published by Les Editions de la Bascule.
Track 15 licensed from DIN, published by BCP/BMG Ufa.
Track 16 licensed from Drought Records, copyright control 2000.
Track 17 licensed from Soundslike, published by Soundslike Music/Bucks Music. ®&©Accidental. Recorded in Swingtime 1998.
Track 18 licensed from PIAS Germany, published by WAK. ®&© 2000 F Communications.
Track 19 taken and licensed from Dance Mania 175, copyright control.
Track 20 licensed from Mute Records Ltd., published by Plastikproduct (Socan) / adm. by Mute Song. ©1998 Minus Inc. Produced and performed @The Building, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Track 21 licensed from Accidental, published by Soundslike Music/Bucks Music. ®&© 2000 Accidental. Recorded in Swingtime 1998.
Track 22 taken and licensed from Perlon (PERL 10), copyright control. © Perlon.


Tracks In This Album

Matthew Herbert Alarmed free listening
Alarmed - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert 21st Kong free listening
21st Kong - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Rockers free listening
Rockers - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Pepperpot free listening
Pepperpot - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert A Glimpse free listening
A Glimpse - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Errorsmith EP#1 (A1) free listening
Errorsmith EP#1 (A1) - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Bleep free listening
Bleep - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Dusty Cabinets free listening
Dusty Cabinets - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Sing It Back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub Mix) free listening
Sing It Back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub Mix) - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Technology's Out Of Control free listening
Technology's Out Of Control - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Radio free listening
Radio - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Mistakes free listening
Mistakes - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Eight (Buckfunk 3000 Mix) free listening
Eight (Buckfunk 3000 Mix) - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Def Jam free listening
Def Jam - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Master Traktor free listening
Master Traktor - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Test Tube Baby free listening
Test Tube Baby - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Back < Back < Back < Back free listening
Back < Back < Back < Back - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert M-Seq free listening
M-Seq - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Shake It (Remix) free listening
Shake It (Remix) - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert Hypokondriak free listening
Hypokondriak - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert The Pigeon Fanciers Holiday free listening
The Pigeon Fanciers Holiday - Matthew Herbert
Matthew Herbert La Musica free listening
La Musica - Matthew Herbert