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 - My Name Is Hobby: Hobby De-Su Free

My Name Is Hobby: Hobby De-Su


Release Date: 2008-07

Labels: Hobby Industries, disques corde

Release comes with OBI-strip and a fold-out sheet containing an interview with Thomas Knak a.k.a. Opiate in japanese and the Hobby Industries discography.

Disc 1 is a compilation of tracks taken from earlier Hobby Industries releases and disc 2 is a DJ mix of Opiate. The tracks on disc 1 has a cat. # reference to Hobby Industries releases from where they are taken:

1-1: HI002
1-2: HI019
1-3: HI006
1-4: HI008
1-5: HI003
1-6: HI005
1-7: HI005
1-8: HI007
1-9: HI008
1-10: HI011
1-11: HI012
1-12: HI012
1-13: HI013
1-14: HI014
1-15: HI016
1-16: HI017

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Tracks In This Album

Opiate 1:1 free listening
1:1 - Opiate
Opiate Som En Film free listening
Som En Film - Opiate
Opiate Betpak Taxi free listening
Betpak Taxi - Opiate
Opiate GM Memory free listening
GM Memory - Opiate
Opiate Miu free listening
Miu - Opiate
Opiate 2 free listening
2 - Opiate
Opiate D free listening
D - Opiate
Opiate Week Is A Drift free listening
Week Is A Drift - Opiate
Opiate Chamber Dub free listening
Chamber Dub - Opiate
Opiate Press The Button For Music Pt 1 free listening
Press The Button For Music Pt 1 - Opiate
Opiate OS 2.3 free listening
OS 2.3 - Opiate
Opiate Frekvens free listening
Frekvens - Opiate
Opiate Annorlundag free listening
Annorlundag - Opiate
Opiate Bethpath To Go free listening
Bethpath To Go - Opiate
Opiate 04.34 A.M. free listening
04.34 A.M. - Opiate
Opiate Whirl free listening
Whirl - Opiate
Opiate Epilogue (Hobbylovedit Re-Edit) free listening
Epilogue (Hobbylovedit Re-Edit) - Opiate
Opiate Lurliv free listening
Lurliv - Opiate
Opiate Nattflykt Gennom C free listening
Nattflykt Gennom C - Opiate
Opiate Horizons free listening
Horizons - Opiate
Opiate Whirl (Pitched And Complexed Edit) free listening
Whirl (Pitched And Complexed Edit) - Opiate
Opiate Hum Pt 2 free listening
Hum Pt 2 - Opiate
Opiate Press Button Pt 1 free listening
Press Button Pt 1 - Opiate
Opiate Matchbox GR (Antenna Farm Remix) free listening
Matchbox GR (Antenna Farm Remix) - Opiate
Opiate Ryk free listening
Ryk - Opiate
Opiate Parallels free listening
Parallels - Opiate
Opiate Opis free listening
Opis - Opiate
Opiate 10.45 free listening
10.45 - Opiate
Opiate Week Is A Drift free listening
Week Is A Drift - Opiate